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Raised Garden Bed 3- and 4-Way Stacking Joint

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The 3- and 4-Way Stacking Joint simplifies the process of making your own raised garden bed. Each joint includes a stake and two brackets and it securely fastens 2 x 6 composite timbers or wood timbers together at a right angle. You can also use this to make a 3-Way "T" joint. This allows you to configure your raised beds in a range of shapes and sizes. read more

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Our Price: $14.95


The 3- and 4-Way Stacking Joint securely connects 2 x 6 composite or wood timbers at a perfect right angle to maintain the structural integrity of any 4-foot wide raised bed. The 3- and 4-Way Stacking Joint locks the frame of the raised bed and prevents it from expanding and contracting due to winter conditions or soil pressure. In addition, it allows you to configure your raised beds in a range of shapes and designs to suit your needs.

The 4-Way Joint is used to make a right-angle intersection. This enables more design possibilities for raised beds. You can also make a 3-Way "T" intersection by using one half (side) of the joint with one half of a standard Stacking Joint. (There is no waste since the other half of the joint will combine with the remaining half of the Stacking Joint for a second 3-Way "T".)

The 3-Way "T" intersection is especially useful for preventing the sides of the bed from bowing outward over long spans or on taller beds. If your bed is 16' long, for example, you would put a "T" in the center (the 8' mark) of the bed, and run a timber from the right-angle flange across to the opposite side where you have another "T". This will secure your bed from bowing outward.

The 3- and 4-Way Stacking Joint can be used with our 2-inch composite timbers or any standard 2 x 6 sawn lumber. If you plan on using your own lumber with the stacking joints, it is important to note that the actual inside width of the flanges is 1.5 inches. This corresponds with the actual thickness of standard lumber. In all lumber yards and home improvement centers a "standard" 2 x 6 board is actually 1.5" thick.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fastens 2-inch composite timbers or standard 2” x 6” lumber
  • Prevents expansion and contraction of the frame due to freezing and thawing
  • Bracket secures timbers in 3 or 4 ways, for unlimited design possibilities
  • Each 3- and 4-Way Joint includes a stake and two brackets, plus all necessary screws
  • Made from ABS plastic with UV stabilizers

Assembly Instructions:

Tools required: hammer, mallet, Phillips screwdriver or screw gun.

Begin assembling the base level of the frame upside down with the stakes facing upward. Slide the timbers into the "slot" end of one of the brackets until it is centered and even on all sides. Use the supplied screws to fasten the side boards to the bracket. For a 3-way direction, use one 4-way stacking joint and one regular stacking joint. For a 4-way direction, use two 4-way stacking joints. Repeat previous steps on the opposite end of the bed. Continue this process until all of your timbers are fully bracketed on both ends. Any adjustments to your design should be done now if needed. Once base level is in desired position, turn the frame over so the stakes are facing down and hammer into ground.

If you prefer a multi-level design, slide the stake of a regular stacking joint into each of the exposed tops of the in-ground level stakes. Slide the timbers into the brackets until centered and use the supplied screws to fasten the timbers to bracket for each side of the frame. Repeat this process to add additional levels.

Please note with this design it is not necessary to use the 4-Way directional brackets on every level of your raised garden. When building a two-level raised garden, use the 4-way stacking joint on the second level only. For a three-level raised garden, use a 4-way stacking joint on the second and third level. For a four-level raised garden, use the 4-way joint on the 2nd and 4th levels only. This alternating method applies to all additional levels. On the levels without the 4-way stacking joint, simply use our regular Stacking Joint.


Get started gardening with ease! Growing your own food is a great way to get in touch with nature and provide for yourself. This product is made from recycled plastic.

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Material Recycled ABS plastic with UV stabilizers
Origin Made in China

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