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3' x 6' Raised Garden Bed with Fence and Trellis

Item #: GTG3X6-Trellis

Our price: $419.00


Made in the USA, this 3' x 6' raised garden bed features fencing and a trellis. With a trellis you can grow vertically, doubling space for vine plants such as peas, beans and cucumbers. read more

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Our price: $419.00


This 3' x 6' raised garden bed features perimeter fencing and a trellis. At 20 inches high (32 inches when including the fence) you do not have to kneel on the ground to access the garden, which means less strain on your back and knees over time. This raised bed provides ample planting space for all kinds of vegetables.

The 12" high fence that surrounds the raised garden bed is made with durable black plastic mesh. The front fence panels are fixed to the bed with hinges, allowing you to easily access the garden, while preventing animals such as dogs or rabbits from jumping on the bed.

Easy to assemble, this garden bed is available with either one or two trellises. You can select two trellises if you want more room to grow vertically, which is a good way to maximize space. When the trellis comes, you can mount it on the side of the bed, or the ends, as the pictures show. The trellis adds 24 inches to the existing 32" sides, making the trellis stand 56" tall.

Features & Benefits:

  • Keeps out dogs and rabbits
  • 20" high raised garden bed – no stooping
  • 32" high to the top of the fence
  • Front fence panels fold down for easy access to plants and soil
  • Includes one trellis, option to add a second trellis
  • Easy to assemble
  • Hardware included
  • Made in the USA


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Additional Information

Dimensions 3' x 6' x 20"
Planting Depth 20"
Key Feature Raised garden bed with hinged fold-down fencing and trellis
Origin Made in the U.S.A.

Shipping Information

Shipping Details:
Insured against damage or loss while in transit
This Product Ships To:
US Lower 48
Ships Via:
Fedex or UPS

Questions about the 3' x 6' Raised Garden Bed with Fence and Trellis

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  • From b at 4/17/11 11:14 AM
    • What type of cedar and how thick is it?
      How many pieces are in the kit? Approx how long will it take to assemble and what is level of difficulty?
      What is frame of screen made of?
    • The 3' x 6' Raised Garden Bed With Hinged Fencing is made of Western Red Cedar, with 1.25" wall thickness.
      The kit comes with 10 pieces. Assembly is approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour, with low level of difficuty. The frame of the screen is also made with red cedar.
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  • From Brian at 5/14/11 11:03 AM
    • Is the Hinged Fence on all four sides or only on the one side?
    • The 3' x 6' Raised Garden Bed With Hinged Fencing has two hinged fence panels, which are located side-by-side on the front side of the garden. The ends and the back of this garden are not hinged. The 3' width of the garden makes it easy to reach the plants at the back of the bed and to harvest them without difficulty.
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  • From Pam at 5/25/11 11:52 AM
    • How much dirt would it take to fill this bed?
    • The 3' x 6' Raised Garden Bed With Hinged Fencing will hold approximately 30 cubic feet of soil.
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  • From Bruce Ballerstedt at 6/12/11 7:52 AM
    • Is there a floor?
    • The 3' x 6' Raised Garden Bed With Hinged Fencing is open to the ground. There is not a floor or bottom to the bed.
      Most raised beds are open to the ground, as this permits gardeners to grow deep rooted crops such as carrots and potatoes, and facilitates drainage.
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  • From Jennifer at 1/12/12 12:06 PM
    • How do I overwinter the container garden? I'm concerned that the soil will expand when it freezes and break the garden open.
    • The 3' x 6' Raised Garden Bed With Hinged Fencing will over-winter with no problem. You do not need to take any measures against freezing. The soil will not freeze its full depth, and any freezing would result in a 'heave', that is the soil will expand upwards.

      If you are still concerned, you can cover the soil in winter with a sheet of black plastic (polyethylene).

      We cover our beds during the rainy part of winter with plastic sheeting because we don't want our valuable soil amendments to be washed through the soil and drained away. If you use the sheeting for only these short periods of heavy seasonal rains, you will be able to use the same sheeting for many years.
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  • From Dave at 5/6/13 8:00 AM
    • Approx. How much soil will you need to fill the bed up with?
    • This bed is 20" deep, which you will appreciate for two reasons: the extra soil depth enables you to plant any crop, regardless of root depth, and the tall bed is much easier on your back.

      The amount of soil needed to fill this bed is approximately 33 cubic feet.

      Fill ypur bed to the top with a ight soil mix, amended with peat which helps lighten the soil. Then plant your seeds or transplants. Within a few weeks the soil level will drop a few inches due to compression from the watering. Rather than adding more soil to top it up, use this space for adding mulch. This way the mulch stays in place even on windy days.
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  • From Chris at 5/18/13 6:08 PM
    • Do I need to treat the wood with any type of sealer before using?
    • No. Cedar raised beds are commonly left untreated. In a year or two the color will fade to silver-grey but this does not affect its longevity. If you want to retain the original color, you can finish the beds. If you decide to finish your bed, we recommend tung oil finish.
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  • From Christine at 8/22/13 12:51 PM
    • Is it difficult to grow potatoes in this-seeing as you have to hill them periodically?also, is it hard to reach in and harvest the potatoes since it is only hinged in the front? do you need a drill to put together? Will the tung oil protect from the sun-I am in Colorado and we get some pretty intense sun at 6700 feet altitude. thanks.
    • We grow potatoes in our raised beds every year, 3 or 4 beds worth. It is easier to grow potatoes in raised beds since you don't bend down as far when harvesting. When planting you can trench the rows (we do 3 rows in a 4' wide bed) and set the seed potatoes in shallow. After sprouting a foot or so you can turn the trench back in. We like to add a thick layer of straw mulch when the plants are bigger, and as the plants die back it protects the surface potatoes which would otherwise be partially exposed to the sun and turn green.

      Yes, a drill will help you assemble the bed. The tung oil will protect the cedar from the sun. Typically you would use Tung Oil Finish, which is very different from pure tung oil. Apply the finish, two coats minimum, only to the outside of the beds. I think you will be impressed with the durability of this finish in your hot, sunny environment.
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3' x 6' Raised Garden Bed with Trellis option 

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