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The Original Rainwater Pillow

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The Original Rainwater Pillow is a horizontal rainwater storage system, designed to fit in crawl spaces and under decks or porches. With capacities of 725 gallons and up, the Rainwater Pillow holds over 10 times more water than most large rain barrels. read more

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Our price: $2,599.95


As rainfall flows down your roof and into your gutters, it is channeled through a filter that removes leaves and debris and into the Original Rainwater Pillow. Two overflow outlets prevent your pillow from over-filling; one can direct water to your garden or back to your downspouts, and the other flows into a drain. When you need to use the water, simply connect a hose to the system and press the remote control button. The system’s 25 psi water pump will pump 10-12 gallons of water per minute, which is around the same pressure as most outdoor hose connections. It is perfect for hose watering, drip irrigation systems, standard hose-driven sprinklers, car washing, topping off swimming pools and hot tubs, greenhouse use, and storm water management. It is not designed for drinking water.

The Rainwater Pillow is manufactured from first grade materials for long-term water storage usage. It is made from reinforced polymer alloy, the same heavy-duty industrial strength fabric commonly used by the military and fire departments. UV radiation inhibitors are incorporated in to the manufacturing process to provide extra UV radiation protection. An independent lab determined that every square inch of the Rainwater Pillow can withstand friction more than 2,000 times before it begins to abrade, and each one-inch strip has a breaking strength of 550 lbs. It is severe-weather tolerant, and can sustain extreme temperatures from -30 to +160 degrees Fahrenheit. In 30 years of experience, it has shown to be impervious to rodents. Tests have shown that all materials used in the Rainwater Pillow can remain in contact with water for five years with no negative effects.


Keep your gutters and filter clean. Leaves will clog up the filter and cause water to drain out the overflow, reducing the efficiency of the Rainwater Pillow system. Rotten leaves in the filter can enter the Rainwater Pillow and reduce water quality. The rate at which they will need cleaning depends on the environment and the time of year. In the beginning, check the filter each time it rains, and you will quickly learn how often it needs cleaning. During fall months you may need to clean the filter each time it rains. Gravel from asphalt roofing can also collect in the filter; in this case, simply remove the filter pad and rinse once a month. If gravel is not removed, it will reduce the lifespan of your pump.

Check fittings every six months and make sure they are tight. The fittings on the Rainwater Pillow are bolted to the pillow material. Over time, these may loosen and need tightening. Every six months, check the fittings and use a wrench to firmly tighten them by turning nuts clock-wise.

Check the threaded connections every six months. If they loosen, they must be tightened or they may leak.

Make sure the pump is primed. As long as some water is left in the Rainwater Pillow after each use, it should remain primed. If the prime on the pump is lost, manual priming might be necessary. To do this, remove the plug on the top of the pump between the intake and the exit pipes. Completely fill the pump with water, replace the plug and turn on the system.


  • 725 gallon pillow kit: 10’ long x 6’ wide x 2’ fill height
  • 1000 gallon pillow kit: 10’ long x 8’ wide x 2’ fill height
  • 2000 gallon pillow kit: 13.5’ long x 11.8’ wide x 2’ fill height
  • 3000 gallon pillow kit: 14.5’ long x 13’ wide x 2.5’ fill height

All kits include two filters (9” x 9”), pillow, ½ horse power pump, remote control, all fittings for an easy installation, and a detailed installation manual. Custom sizes are also available - please call us at 1-888-451-6752 for more information.

Please note: returns are only accepted for the standard sized Rainwater Pillows if they are unused and in re-sellable condition. Returns may be subject to a 25% restocking fee.


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  • From Bruce at 5/15/13 9:05 AM
    • Does the Rainwater Pillow need to be winterized (I.E. drained, pump winterized or stored in a freeze protected area)?
    • The Pillows are flexible and will tolerate freezing temperatures to - 30 f. During freezing temperatures, portions of the system such as the pump may need to be drained if installed in unheated areas.The pillow and all accessories can also be placed in an insulated box for installations in cold regions.
      If dismantled during winter, the pillow is light weight which allows it to be easily folded and stored.
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