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Save money, and the environment! In addition to lowering your utility bill, conserving water will reduce demand on the rivers and lakes we all enjoy. Click a category below to see what we have to offer.
Water Conservation Categories
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    Conserve water in your home and save money with low flow faucet aerators, shower heads, toilet float boosters and more.
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    Save water in your yard and garden with our top of the line rain barrels, soaker hoses, and other outdoor water conservation products.
Eartheasy carries only the highest quality environmentally friendly water conservation products, ranging from simple low-flow faucet aerators to the latest in ‘shower smart’ showerhead flow converters. And since most water used on the home is flushed down the toilet, we have worked to identify products which reduce toilet water loss while maintaining efficient toilet operation. Our HyrdoRight Drop-in Dual flush converter kit, for example, is inexpensive, simple to install and saves a whopping amount of water – up to 15,000 gallons a year for a family of four!

Water conservation has become an urgent priority throughout North America, even in areas where water seems abundant. Municipal sewer systems can become overloaded with water flow, spilling overflow into local watersheds, lakes and rivers. In the summer of 2011, over 40 states initiated water conservation measures due to climate related water shortages. It has become apparent that water conservation will remain a priority in the years ahead.

As the need to conserve water in the home has risen, so have the efforts of manufacturers who develop water-saving products. For the most part, these new products are inexpensive and simple to install, without requiring plumbers or professional installers. It has never been easier for homeowners to save water, and in most cases, the cost of water-saving products is returned within months due to savings on water utility bills.

Eartheasy is a partner with the EPA’s WaterSense program. We provide information and products which help people conserve water. When choosing products, we place an emphasis on sustainability: how they are manufactured, where the materials are sourced, and how long they will last. Our Water-Saving Guide is a great reference with current information about ways to save water in the home, yard and garden using simple measures available at little or no cost.

When browsing our Water Conservation supplies online, be sure to look for our comprehensive Q & A section on each product page. If you need any help with making your decision be sure to give us a ring at 1-888-451-6752. Our green home experts are happy to help you choose the right item for your particular needs.

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