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HydroClean Water-Saving Toilet Fill Valve with Cleaning Tube

Item #: HC660

Our price: $14.95

The award-winning HydroClean toilet fill valve solves the two biggest reasons for water loss in toilets - miscalibration and leaks. read more

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Our Price: $14.95


Invented by a fourth generation plumber, the HydroClean HC660 saves water, cleans the tank, and detects leaks (20% of all toilets leak) using a distinctive sound.

The HydroClean can be calibrated to the exact volume of water needed. Most valves are made to fill the largest bowls, so after your toilet bowl is filled, there’s a good chance that water is still flowing into the bowl needlessly. If you notice a ripple across the surface of the filled bowl after flushing, this means surplus water is flowing from the tank to the bowl. The water level won’t continue to rise because this excess water drains over the ‘trap’ at the base of the bowl.

Cleans the tank by directing a flow of water along the base of the tank, removing slime and sediment that can cause flapper failure (and subsequent leaks). This will also extend the life of the other toilet components.

It detects leaks by making a whistling sound from a special nozzle on the unit.

Proven in independent studies to reduce water usage by 36%, the feature-rich HydroClean fits all standard toilets and installs easily without tools.

MJSI, Inc., headquartered in Shorewood, IL is the manufacturer of the HydroWorks portfolio of products that are devoted to water conservation, earth preservation and sound environmental plumbing. Recognized as toilet efficiency experts, MJSI's innovation has expanded the plumbing market from repairs to green toilet improvement.


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Weight 1
Dimensions 3 x 3.2 x 13 inches
Key Feature Detects leaks, cleans the tank, and saves up to 4 quarts of water with each flush!
Manufacturer MJSI

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Questions about the HydroClean Water-Saving Toilet Fill Valve with Cleaning Tube

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  • From susan frosch at 3/28/11 6:26 PM
    • I have one of these valves on the only toilet in my newly purchased home. In the last month, we have experienced a weird noise in our plumbing system. It is kind of a moaning noise. I've researched the noise & found that it is either the toilet fill valve or the or the main pressure release valve. It was recommended to check this by cutting the water to the toilet & see if the other faucets still cause this noise.. Cutting the water to the toilet cures the noise. Can your product be adjusted or repaired to make the noise stop? Thanks!
    • You could have a defective fill valve. (Or you could have a bit of debris behind the angle stop, which is easy to check out.)

      The noise you hear could also be the whistling sound made by the fill valve which is designed to alert you to a leak. Leaks are commonly cause by flappers that don't fit correctly. We sell the HydroFix which has the valve and also a flapper that adjusts to a leakproof fit.

      My toilet had what sounds like the same problem, a loud whining noise when filling up after flushing.The solution was to replace the ball valve diaphragm which had become worn out.. As this is very cheap and straightforward it might be worth trying.
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  • From Patti at 7/14/17 1:33 PM
    • We installed the hydro-clean and every couple minutes we hear a flushing sound for a couple of seconds, is this normal
    • Rest assured that these noises and bubbles mean your Hydroclean is operating properly. The noise indicates that there is a water leak in your toilet, which can usually be fixed by cleaning the flapper or replacing if it necessary.
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