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Energy Efficiency: How much do you spend each month on home energy costs? Click a category below to explore some quick and easy ways to cut your bills, and reduce your carbon footprint.
Energy Efficiency Categories
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    Browse a wide variety of weatherization products, from draft guards to window insulators and gap fillers.
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    Energy Efficient Lighting

    Save energy with the latest high tech LED light bulbs for all applications: Spot lights, flood lights, dimmers and more.
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    Energy Conservation

    Explore a range of useful products to help you conserve energy in your home.
Eartheasy carries only the highest quality environmentally friendly energy-efficiency products, most of which are very inexpensive yet offer significant energy savings. We also provide extensive information for ways people can save energy, in many cases without the need to buy products. In each section within this category we provide links to our content pages for energy-efficient heating, natural home cooling and energy-efficient lighting.

There is more to saving energy than saving money. The average American emits about 50 tons of carbon dioxide per year. Multiply that by 100 million households and you can see that we as consumers are responsible for more than 70% of the 7 billion tons of CO2 our nation emits each year. The best measures we can take as individuals to address the threat of climate change are those which reduce the energy we use.

Heating and cooling account for about half of home energy costs, and lighting accounts for approximately 25% of the home energy budget. So these are the areas to focus on when looking to reduce energy use. Fortunately, making significant reductions in energy use is very achievable, and the products associated with saving energy are usually low-cost. Also, homeowners can make the most significant gains in saving energy without the need for professional help. Weatherization tasks require only basic skills, and conserving energy use in the home is a matter of awareness as much as anything else.

When we choose products relating to energy-efficiency, we try to use them in our own home when possible, so we are able to speak from experience when customers call with product questions. When choosing products, we place an emphasis on sustainability: how they are manufactured, where the materials are sourced, and how long they will last.

When browsing our energy-efficiency supplies online, be sure to look for our comprehensive Q & A section on each product page. If you need any help with making your decision be sure to give us a ring at 1-888-451-6752. Our green home experts are happy to help you choose the right item for your particular needs.

To learn more about home energy efficiency, read our Live Guides here.

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