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Mosquito Dunks

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Mosquito Dunks are a safe, non-toxic way to kill mosquitos. Using a bacteria toxic only to mosquito larvae, they kill mosquitos within hours and last for at least thirty days.
Each package includes 20 dunks (Each mosquito dunk treats 100 sq feet). read more

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Our Price: $19.95


Mosquito Dunks are an effective, low impact mosquito killer. It is the only mosquito product that uses BTI, a bacteria toxic only to mosquito larvae. BTI specifically targets mosquitos and is non-toxic to other organisms in the water, killing mosquito larvae before they become biting, disease-carrying adults. They are safe for use around birds, wildlife, children, and pets. Mosquito Dunks have been registered by the EPA for use in animal watering troughs and fish habitats.


  • Package includes 20 Mosquito Dunks
  • One Mosquito Dunk effectively treats 100 square feet of surface water
  • Effective against the larvae of all species of mosquitoes
  • Kills within hours, and lasts for at least 30 days
  • Non-toxic to all other wildlife, pets, fish, and humans
  • Labeled for Organic Gardening by the US EPA
  • Made in the USA


Simply add a Mosquito Dunk to any standing water, or water garden. As it slowly dissolves, it releases a bacterium toxic only to mosquito larvae. When larvae hatch in water treated with a Mosquito Dunk, they will begin to eat the BTI, which will kill the larvae before they grow up to be biting adults. It is effective against all species of mosquitos within hours, and lasts for thirty days or more. Each Mosquito Dunk treats up to 100 square feet of surface water.

Mosquito Dunks can be stored indefinitely because the dried BTI is not technically living bacteria. Field tests have shown eight-year old Mosquito Dunks to be nearly as effective at killing mosquito larvae as the new product. The best storage condition for the Dunks is a cool, well-ventilated place. Prolonged exposure of temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit may affect the efficacy of the product.


Provides a non-toxic, safe way to control mosquitos.

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Weight 0.8 lb
Effective for 4 to 6 weeks
Origin Made in the U.S.A.

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  • From Cathy at 5/22/13 7:10 PM
    • I see where this says that they are safe to use around pets, but what about horses. We've had a lot of rain this spring, so lots of standing water in their pastures. Also their water troughs. Thanks!
    • Mosquito Dunks are safe for use in pasture water. Mosquito Dunks have been registered by the EPA for use in animal watering troughs.
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