Non-Toxic Codling Moth Trap


Non-Toxic Aphid & Whitefly Trap


Glass Insect Trap


Wooden Bat House - Triple Chamber


Ditch The Itch Cream

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Bug Off Screen Door


Citronella Beeswax Candle


Wooden Bat House - Single Chamber

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Replacement Bulb for Electronic Insect Killer


Flies Be Gone Refill Bait 2-Pack


Neem Oil Concentrate - 16 oz.

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Electronic Insect Killer


Sonic Molechaser


Citronella Beeswax Tea Lights


Non-Toxic Outdoor Fly Trap Refill Bait 4-Pack


Saw-Whet Owl / Screech Owl House


Flies Be Gone Reusable Barrel Trap


Octenol Mosquito Attractant

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Slug Shield

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Victor Live Catch Humane Mouse Trap

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DynaZap Extendable Insect Zapper