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Road Shower 2


Our price: $299.95


Rack-mounted solar heated shower, to give you pressurized water wherever you go. It will heat the water while you drive. read more

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Our Price: $299.95


The new Road Shower now comes with an upgraded nozzle and mounting hardware.

With the Road Shower you can have pressurized water wherever you go. It will heat the water while you drive and will be ready to give you a high-pressure hot shower at the end of the day. Hot or cold, the Road Shower has many uses from the camp hose for dishes, gear, pets, or for extra drinking water.

Features & Benefits:

  • Storage capacity: holds 5 gallons of water (good for 2-3 showers)
  • Solar heated: water can heat up to 110-115 degrees
  • Non-Toxic: you can fill it with drinking water and also use as an emergency water source!
  • High pressure: can be pumped with a standard hand powered or CO2 bike pump up to 15 PSI, up to 60 foot trajectory in jet setting. Pressure relief valve opens at 18 PSI
  • Clear food grade hose is also non-toxic; water level can be checked by using the hose. Hose length is 55”
  • Safe: a pressure relief system is built in for safety
  • Easy to mount: included hardware (rack mounting system) for almost all racks and factory racks (Yakima, Thule, and more).
  • Tough: made from powder coated high quality aluminum (1/10” thick walls)
  • Looks great: cool design, flat black color, and silk screen logos
  • Easy to use: there are no complex parts, electrical connections or propane involved
  • 7 setting spray nozzle has shower, jet, mist settings and more
  • Mounting carriage bolts take a ½” nut. Nylock nuts included. ½” wrench needed
  • Female hose end is ½” x ½” NPT thread. Male hose end is GHT
  • Intake air valve is a Shrader valve

Uses & Applications

  • High pressure jet gets gear clean
  • Unexpected messes
  • Clean fish or game
  • Wash your car
  • Clean the dishes
  • Clean your bike/surfboard/gear/boots
  • Wash your hands or tools while working on your vehicle

How It Works

1. Mount it to your rack

The Road Shower has a T-slot on the underside built into the aluminum body. A 5/16” carriage bolt slides from the end to the location of your mount. It attaches to Yakima Round, Thule square bars, factory mounted racks, Aeroblade, T-Channel crossbars. Road Shower is the only rack mounted portable solar shower on the market!

2. Fill it up

Use a jug or garden hose to fill the tank with up to 5 gallons of water.

3. Let it heat up

Road Shower uses the renewable energy of the sun. The water temperature rises 12-20 degrees per hour on a warm sunny day (if the water starts at 60 degrees it should be 90+ degrees in about 2 hours). Be careful on very hot days as you may have to add cold water to the tank to avoid scalding. Touch the tank with your hand first to determine temperature or use a little stick thermometer. Alternatively, the Road Shower does not heat water as well if the outside temperature is below 70 degrees. On cloudy or rainy days you can heat water on a camp stove, and add warm water to the tank as needed.

4. Pump it up

The Road Shower works well using gravity for washing hands, showering or cleaning spills. You may need to remove the cap to allow air to enter the tank when using regular gravity. However, if you need to add pressure to the tank you can do so with a hand pump, a CO2 cartridge pump, a tire inflator or a compressor. When pressurized, you can squirt a jet of water up to 60 feet. If your Road Shower is full, you will need to drain a little before you can start pumping. The Road Shower comes with a pressure relief valve on the cap for safety to prevent over pressurization. The cap valve releases at around 18 PSI> If you use a compressor be sure to never exceed 18 PSI for your safety.

5. Take a shower!

Time to get clean! Use the Road Shower as a shower or to clean off gear. The nozzle has 7 different settings, or you can remove it if you need a lot of water fast.

New and Improved

The Road Shower launched a successful campaign on Kickstarter in 2013 which drew lots of attention to the product and allowed for the following improvements: The hose comes out the back which allows the shower to be mounted to flat surfaces, like the roof of a camper or the top of a boat. The elbow is out of the way and made of brass. 3 heavy duty clips are added instead of 2. A velcro strap is added to ensure the hoses does not come loose on bumpy roads. The ends are factory made with brass fittings. An improved mounting clip is included which allows mounting to almost all rack systems and factory luggage racks.

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1 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty


Solar heated rack mounted shower.

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Additional Information

Weight 13 lbs empty, or about 55 lbs full.
Capacity 5 gallons
Dimensions 54”long, 6” x 4” ellipse
Key Feature Solar heated rack mounted shower.

Shipping Information

Shipping Details:
Insured against damage or loss while in transit
This Product Ships To:
Continental US
Ships Via:
Fedex or UPS

Questions about the Road Shower 2

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  • From Tim at 4/9/15 10:02 PM
    • How much water does it hold would it be enough for two people to take a shower with?
    • With a 5 gallon capacity, Road Shower provides enough water for two decent showers or three quick showers.
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  • From MIke at 8/11/16 10:32 AM
    • How can this unit be pressurized via my ARB compressor? Is there a fitting on the shower unit to facilitate this? How do I ensure not blowing the shower lines, etc with too much compressor pressure, etc? Is there a gauge mounted on this or as a purchase-able option?


    • The Road Shower 2 can be pumped with a bike pump, tire inflator, or a compressor up to 20 PSI. There is a pressure relief system is built in for safety. It is a radiator cap which have been used for decades to prevent over pressurized radiators from exploding. The pressure relief valve opens at 18 PSI.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes  No
  • From John G at 10/18/16 1:49 PM
    • With tap water having chemicals & minerals, how does the interior NOT become corrosive?
    • Aluminum is relatively inert. There could be a very small amount of corrosion. We have not noticed it on any of our units, or heard complaints and the product. It is the same aluminum used in a lot of cookware. Food safe.
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  • From Roleigh at 11/20/16 9:21 PM
    • How long is the hose that is attached to the Road Shower?
    • Road Shower hose length is 55”
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4 Item(s)

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