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Non-Toxic Cockroach Trap

Item #: S1303

Our price: $8.95

This Non-Toxic Cockroach Trap attracts and captures all types of cockroaches. Roaches are lured to the trap using a natural attractant and get caught inside the sticky trap where they die. 6 traps per package. read more

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Our Price: $8.95


Long term use of these traps will reduce troubling cockroach infestations without the use of toxic chemicals.

Features & Benefits:

  • Non-toxic and pesticide-free method of killing cockroaches
  • No messy liquids to damage carpets or linoleum
  • Easy to handle without touching dead insects
  • Safe to use in kitchens or near food
  • Six traps per package
  • Traps come with bait
  • Made in the USA

Roaches like warm, dark places near food and water, so set traps near warm spots, along walls and by water pipes that emerge from walls. Placing traps in these breeding areas increases their effectiveness.

Replace traps when full or after two months. Dispose of old traps with regular garbage. Clean areas where roaches have been seen, and block access holes to reduce new infestations.

Please Note: The cockroach bait emits a slight smell that some people dislike, so we recommend handling with gloves.


Provides a non-toxic, safe way to control cockroaches.

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Additional Information

Weight 4 oz.
Key Feature Provides a non-toxic, safe way to control cockroaches
Effective for 2 months
Items per pack 6
Origin Made in the U.S.A.

Shipping Information

Shipping Details:
Insured against damage or loss while in transit
This Product Ships To:
US Lower 48 & Canada
Ships Via:
Fedex, UPS, or USPS

Questions about the Non-Toxic Cockroach Trap

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  • From gretchen in New Orleans at 9/23/10 10:26 AM
    • Is the "glue" in the trap strong enough to hold the American Cockroach? These can be up to 2 inches long. They come in from outside and I find them in the house at night especially after it rains. I don't want to use poison because it will also kill beneficial insects like spiders. Also I have a small dog that will get into anything he can.
    • Yes, the glue is strong enough to hold the larger cockroaches.
      If you know where the roaches are getting in, I recommend placing small piles (teaspoonfull) of diatomaceous earth. This will reduce their population without posing any threat to your dog, even if the dog licks it.
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  • From Katherine at 11/1/10 10:08 PM
    • I saw in your Overview that it emits a slight smell. Is it possible to find out the ingredients making the smell? I have environmental sensitivities to not only chemicals, but also all natural flower and fruit oils - I'm okay with other oils like astringents and conifers, etc. However, I also react to alcohols, anything fermented or from mushrooms, etc. Is there a way I can find out if there might be anything in the scent that I would react to?
    • Hi Katherine,
      Given your sensitivities, I think the Non-Toxic Cockroach Trap is not right for your home. The ingredients are nontoxic and food safe, but the smell attractant can be strong in small rooms and apartments. The manufacturer materials safety sheet does not isolate the source of the smell, as this is their proprietary knowledge, but it states that the ingredients are safe for use in the home.
      I suggest that you try diatomaceous earth. This has no smell and is proven effective. It takes a little longer than a trap because it may be a few days before roaches exposed to the DE die, but it is a long term control.
      We use DE in our home and it is very effective. In fact, it is now the only insect pest control we use.
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  • From tina at 2/25/11 10:25 AM
    • Hi

      Being new to Florida, I'm trying to find my way around the "classic" pest-control & thus want to prevent infestation with natural means. I would love to try the non-toxic roach-trap, but I have a question: we don't have signs of roaches in the house so far. Will it attract roaches to come inside, since it works by attracting roaches? Is it maybe not clever to use it as a preventive / testing tool?

      thanks for your answer
    • If there were roaches within the attractant range, you would likely be aware that you had roaches in your home. I do not think this trap wil attract roaches from outside your home. However, in your case, which is preventive, I would recommend a different product, which is diatomaceous earth. (DE)

      DE will deter and, over a few weeks, reduce or eliminate a broad spectrum of insect pests in your home. It is entirley non toxic and safe for pets and small children should they come into contact with it. In my opinion, and speaking from personal experience, this is the best nontoxic pest control available. And it's inexpensive and a bag lasts a long time. Hree is the link to learn more about this product:

      For roaches, we suggest that you sprinkle DE on top of your cabinets in the kitchen, as well as other likely places.
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  • From Suzan at 8/16/15 9:43 AM
    • Is this product safe for cats, who are naturally inquisitive?
    • The pheromone attractant is nontoxic to cats and other pets. However, this is a sticky trap - if the cat pokes his nose into it the whiskers may get stuck to the glue, and since the trap is so lightweight, it might not fall off. If this happens, the cat will not be harmed and it likely will only happen once.
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