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Enjoy your home and yard without irritation. Safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly indoor and outdoor pest control solutions. Click a category below to see what we have to offer.
Non-Toxic Pest Control Categories
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    From flea traps to natural bug spray, browse a wide variety of indoor non-toxic pest control products.
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    Non-toxic pest repellents, preventatives, traps and killers for your yard and garden.
Eartheasy carries the latest in effective environmentally friendly, non-toxic pest control products, such as pheromone-based insect traps, bio-mimicry deterrents and broad spectrum insect control products such as diatomaceous earth.

Residential homeowners may be more at risk from chemical-based pesticide products than from the insects they are trying to control. Parents looking to ensure the safety of children and pets should try safe, non-toxic control methods for controlling insect pests before resorting to potent chemical formulations.

One of the most effective broad-spectrum insect controls for indoor and outdoor use is diatomaceous earth. This natural mineral is the fossilized skeletal remains of microscopic diatoms which, while appearing as a safe chalk-like powder, is abrasive to insects and kills them within days. Diatomaceous earth is safe for children and pets, and is a great first line of defense against all home insect invaders, including fleas, ants and cockroaches. In our home, diatomaceous earth is all the pest control we need.

Eartheasy provides solutions for insect pest control which go beyond products. In some cases, insect populations can be controlled through preventive practices such as organic soil development which helps build healthy insect-resistant plants, or cultivating flowers which attract beneficial insects to control harmful insect populations naturally. Inside the home, we provide formulas using non-toxic household ingredients which homeowners can apply to specific insect problems. When we do recommend a product for insect control, we try to provide the least expensive products which have proven effectiveness. Our goal is to help you find solutions to insect problems that do not release harmful chemicals into the environment, and solutions which are the most affordable.

To learn more about indoor insect control, read our Guide to Natural Pest Control.
For outdoor insect control, see our Guide to Pest Control for Yard and Garden.

When browsing our Natural Pest Control supplies online, be sure to look for our comprehensive Q & A section on each product page. If you need any help with making your decision be sure to give us a ring at 1-888-451-6752. Our green home experts are happy to help you choose the right item for your particular needs.
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