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HydroRight Drop-in Dual Flush Converter Kit

Item #: HYR270

List price: $29.99

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Install the HydroRight Dual Flush Converter in your existing toilet, and reduce your water consumption by up to 70% for liquids. This can save a family of four an estimated 15,000 gallons of water per year! read more

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Our Price: $23.95


Based on dual flush technology, the award-winning HydroRight quickly and easily turns standard toilets into two-button fixtures that have been proven to reduce water usage by 30%. One button is the "quick flush" setting that uses significantly lower water volumes (70% less) for liquids and paper – the setting used most often. The second "full flush" button uses regular amount of water for solids.

Features and Benefits:

  • Uses up to 70% less water for liquids, and 30% average overall
  • Easy, tool-free installation in 5-10 minutes
  • Tank removal not required
  • Works with all standard 2" flush valves
  • Replaces the flapper - the biggest source of leaks
  • IAPMO Certified - UPC, cUPC, and IAPMO Green

Will this fit in my toilet?

Is the HydroRight for you? Here are the requirements for the HydroRight to work properly in your tank:

HydroRight replaces standard size flappers, the flush opening from tank to bowl should be 2 - 2.5 inches in diameter. This is the hole the flapper covers.

Tank must have 10" height clearance from bottom to top.

You must have a round overflow tube. The overflow tube must have a height of 6" from base to top.

Requires a newer style fill valve (not the old ball system where there is a ball floating on the water in your tank). If you do need a newer style fill valve, we suggest the HydroClean Toilet Fill Valve.


5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be completely satisfied with every purchase you make. If you are in any way dissatisfied with a product you ordered, we'll exchange it, replace it or refund your money within 30 days of purchase. Simply email us the problem, and we'll take care of you. Certain products have extended warranties (up to 50 years!) that are listed on the particular product page. Please call us at 1-888-451-6752 if you need further clarification.

Additional Information

Annual Savings Saves a family of four an estimated 15,000-Gallons of water and approximately $105 per year.
Weight 14 oz.
Dimensions 11.4 x 5.7 x 3.8 inches
Key Feature You can save up to 70% per flush with this easy to install device.

Shipping Information

Shipping Details:
Insured against damage or loss while in transit
This Product Ships To:
US & Canada
Ships Via:
Fedex or UPS

Questions about the HydroRight Drop-in Dual Flush Converter Kit

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  • From Matt at 11/1/10 1:39 PM
    • I am interested in the Dual Flush Converter, but I have a mansfield toilet. Can you point me in the right direction the the additional item that I need to by to install the converter on my toilets?


    • We don't have any experience with the Mansfield line, but here is the number you can use to call them: 1-877-850-3060

      Once they tell you what parts you may require, please call us back and we'll try our best to assist you.
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  • From nikki at 2/4/12 12:42 PM
    • my flush handle is on the side of the tank will this product work with my toilet?
    • HydroRight Drop-in Dual Flush Converter Kit has a flexible connector so it doesn't matter if the flush valve is on the side or front of the tank.
      The HydroRight works with all standard two- and two-and-a-half-inch flush valves and provides consumers an inexpensive, hassle-free way to save water. Designed and patented to simply drop in to your toilet tank and attach to the existing flush valve, installation of the HydroRight requires no tank removal or tools and can be completed in less than 10 minutes.
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  • From T at 7/4/14 1:42 PM
    • How does this device operate? Is the blue line from buttons wire? tubing? a cable? Are batteries or electricity required?
    • The blue line is the control cable. It works manually, like a cable shifter on a bike, and it does require a firm push to operate. No batteries or electricity are needed.
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3 Item(s)

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