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EcoTraction Natural Volcanic Mineral Winter Traction - 10 lbs

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EcoTraction is the easiest, safest, most environmentally friendly and most cost-effective ice management solution on the market. read more

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Our Price: $9.95


EcoTraction is an eco-friendly ice melter and road salt alternative; it is the easiest, safest, most environmentally friendly and most cost-effective ice management solution on the market.

Safe for kids, pets and wildlife, EcoTraction is an all natural volcanic mineral that is completely safe to touch or accidentally ingest by children, pets and wildlife (unlike traditional road salts). It makes lawns greener in the spring by improving soil aeration and water/nutrient retention, minimizes property damage, provides better traction than sand, saves you money and helps clean our planet from Harmful toxins.

Features & Benefits:

  • Eco and user friendly
  • Prevents slips and falls, provides traction for vehicles
  • Highly visible dark green colour on ice and snow that accelerates ice melting
  • Provides better traction than sand and instant traction during ice storms and freezing rain
  • naturally benefits our environment and your lawns
  • Cost Effective; one cup will safely cover one average parking space (144 sq. feet) with zero damaging effects
  • Food-grade: safe to touch or accidentally ingest by children, pets and wildlife
  • Will not burn or damage grass or plants
  • Will not corrode or damage your property,metal, concrete, or rust vehicles
  • Does not contain any carcinogenic silica dust like sand
  • Contains no salt, chlorides, chemicals or dyes
  • No working temperature limitations like winter salt and de-icers
  • After snow melts, left over EcoTraction can be swept up and re-used year round for other common applications (lifts oil stains from concrete, is a natural deodorizer, additive to cat litter, preventing grass dying from dog urine, soil amendment for lawns and gardens, natural insecticide against slugs, and more

What is EcoTraction?

EcoTraction is manufactured from a hydrothermal volcanic mineral, and is a member of a special group of minerals known as zeolite. EcoTraction was formed as superheated mineral-rich water, circulating in areas of volcanic activity, which crystallized and was deposited in small "vesicles" or holes within massive sequences of lava and other rocks. This process takes millions of years. Over time, a porous, negatively-charged, high surface area mineral formed with unique characteristics that make it a highly-effective traction agent that has actual environmental benefits.

How does EcoTraction provide such effective traction on ice and snow??

Each EcoTraction granule has microscopic channels that absorb the slippery layer of water found on ice, which allows it to quickly embed itself into ice and snow. That coupled with each granule’s large surface area, multiple contact points, and rigid structure, makes EcoTraction the ultimate traction agent for slippery winter walkways and driving areas. EcoTraction is also the only product to provide instant grip during dangerous freezing rain storms.

How does EcoTraction naturally benefit our environment?

EcoTraction has multiple applications and unlike corrosive road salts and sands, is great for your lawn and garden. It aerates soil through its porous ‘honeycomb' structure and retains water in the soil longer, reducing watering requirements. EcoTraction also releases nutrients and minerals back to plants slowly and absorbs and removes heavy metals from lakes, rivers and sewage. If you have a dog, no problem! EcoTraction is safe for your pets and reduces lawn damage from dog urine as it neutralizes ammonia before it burns the grass. EcoTraction also filters the air from noxious fumes and absorbs nuisance odours, and will even absorb the residual white sodium staining caused by salt and ice melters.

What is the best way to apply EcoTraction?

DRY POWDERY SNOW: Start by removing the snow and if walking conditions are still slippery, spread a thin layer of EcoTraction so that the walking area is visibly covered.

SLEET, FREEZING RAIN: As soon as ice begins to build up, apply EcoTraction to ensure safe walking conditions. Its absorbent quality will provide incredible traction instantly. Repeated applications might be necessary as EcoTraction gets covered by additional ice layers. However, EcoTraction does have the ability to stay on top of ice even after some melting.

WET, HEAVY SNOW: Remove snow with a shovel and then lightly apply EcoTraction. When more than two inches accumulate, shovel excess snow and reapply if necessary. Note that much of the EcoTraction should remain embedded into the bottom ice layer and stay there in spite of shovelling.

ACCUMULATIONS OF HARDENED SNOW AND ICE: EcoTraction is the perfect product for areas where snow and ice have been left naturally, packed down, and there is no intention to remove it. Simply sprinkle EcoTraction directly on top of the hard-packed snow and reapply lightly if necessary after subsequent snow and ice storms. As slippery conditions are created in the spring from melting during the day to freezing at night, EcoTraction will provide constant traction as each layer of snow that melts exposes the previous application.


Natural volcanic hydrothermal mineral from the Zeolite family with environmental benefits, great for lawns, reusable, safe for people and pets.

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Additional Information

Weight 10 Lbs
Dimensions 7.5" x 5.5" x 10.75"
Key Feature Eco-friendly salt and de-icer alternative
Origin Made in the U.S.A.

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Insured against damage or loss while in transit
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US Lower 48
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  • From Chuck at 1/30/18 8:21 PM
    • How effective and harmless is it on asphalt?
    • Very effective and harmless on asphalt. It will not speed up erosion!
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