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DIY: Child's Wheelbarrow Plans

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Our price: $9.95

Our price: $9.95

Build a wooden child's wheelbarrow with our easy to follow, downloadable DIY plans. High quality, easy to use, and affordable to build. read more

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Our price: $9.95


Children need good garden tools. Plastic toy gardening tools break or are discarded in favor of "real" ones, but adult tools are too awkward for children. Good quality, child-sized tools send children the message that their contribution to the garden is valued. Sturdy garden equipment helps create a successful gardening experience. These downloadable plans will show you how to build a child-sized wheelbarrow, which will allow them to help you in the garden or with their own outdoor games and projects.

Good Design


This child's wheelbarrow design calls for stainless steel screws and bolts, so there is nothing to rust. The cedar handles and legs are light, strong and weather-resistant. The wheel is solid rubber - it can't go flat. With metal wheelbarrows, water from rain pools up in the bucket and eventually rusts through. Or the nuts and bolts break under use from rust or metal fatigue. When using a shovel, the paint is easily scraped which quickly leads to rust. Wheelbarrows made with plastic buckets don't last; left out in the sun they become brittle, and crack easily. Before long, they end up in a landfill as garbage.

Simple Yet Strong

Eartheasy's design is unique in the way the legs carry through to the inside of the side pieces. This gives strength to the sides, and because the legs are secured from above, it also makes the legs much stronger. This eliminates the need for extra leg bracing under the wheelbarrow, making the design easier to build.


Individual components are bolted together, and are easy to replace

An Ideal Parent-Child Activity

The scale of this project is just right for a parent/child activity, a great way to teach your child basic woodworking skills. A child who has helped build his/her own wheelbarrow will use it with pride and treat it with respect.

A Useful Gift

One of the best things you can do for a child is help them discover nature, and a garden is the ideal learning ground for children of all ages. Their experiences can develop into a life-long, healthy appreciation of gardening.

What you get:

Detailed downloadable building plans in a "printer-friendly" format. The plans include:

  • scale drawings
  • color photos showing the process from start to completion
  • detailed building instructions which cover every aspect of the process
  • complete materials list, detailing exactly which fastenings to use, what wood to buy
  • tools required to build it easily yourself

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