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Bee Free Wasp Deterrent 2-Pack

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Our price: $9.95

Bee Free Wasp Deterrent is a visual solution to keep wasps away. Simply hang up the simulated wasp nests to repel wasps within a 200 foot radius, without using toxic chemicals. Two per pack. read more

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Our Price: $9.95


Wasps are very territorial creatures - an average wasp nest has a 200 foot territorial radius. Wasps will instinctively flee an area that contains an unfamiliar nest. This natural wasp deterrent works without toxic chemicals or baits. Instead, it simulates a real wasp nest with the shape, colors and patterns to deter wasps from building nests in the same area. Just think of it as a "scarecrow for wasps".

The Bee Free Wasp Deterrent is great for backyards, patios, children's play areas or anywhere wasps are a problem.

Features & Benefits:

  • Imitation wasp nest deters wasps from building new nests
  • Will not trap or harm bees or beneficial insects
  • No chemicals or pesticides
  • Folds flat for easy shipping
  • Two wasp deterrents per pack

Note: the Bee Free Wasp Deterrent is not effective for ground-nesting wasps.

Customer Testimonial

"I wanted to say that I have the Bee Free and it is terrific. We tried it for the first time last summer and actually didn't think it would work. We had a porch we could barely use because there were so many wasps. We put up the Bee Free and I could hardly believe it within a few days they had left our porch area. So simple and yet so effective and completely pesticide free. I just was outside rehanging the Bee Free for this year," - Celeste C.


Provides a non-toxic, safe way to control wasps.

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Additional Information

Weight 4 oz.
Dimensions 10" H x 10" W x 1/2" D
Key Feature Natural, pesticide-free wasp deterrent. Package contains two simulated wasp nests.
Items per pack 2

Shipping Information

Shipping Details:
Insured against damage or loss while in transit
This Product Ships To:
US & Canada
Ships Via:
Fedex, UPS, or USPS

Questions about the Bee Free Wasp Deterrent 2-Pack

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  • From Sue at 6/27/10 7:41 PM
    • I have Bumble Bees, Honey Bees and Hummingbirds. Will this in any way scare them away or just the wasps that are drinking nectar from the hummer feeders and scaring my hummers away. I like the bumble bees but I hate the yellow jackets that are on the feeders constantly.
    • The Waspinator will repel the wasps at your hummingbird feeder, but will have no impact on the hummingbirds.

      Bumble bees may be deterred by the Waspinator but, if so, they will simply move to a greater distance.
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  • From Tom at 7/5/10 4:13 AM
    • I have a slightly raised outdoor deck that's 12' x 20' & have seen 4 nests under construction within 6 ' of each other under the deck. Will this work as the avoidance of competing nests haven't stopped the development of the other nests?
    • There are some wasp species which build very different nests and behave very differently, such as the Paper Wasp. The Waspinator will not be as effective on these wasps.

      Even so, The Waspinator will still act as a repellent for some of these wasps because it also resembles a hornets nest, and as hornets are predators to these species, the wasps think it's a hornets nest and stay away for that reason.
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  • From Sue at 7/7/10 6:11 PM
    • I have a well built wasp/hornet nest that looks something like your Waspinator - about the size of a cantaloupe up by a gutter near the roof. Almost directly under that I have a yellow jacket nest between 2 railroad ties. Both are in areas by the driveway and where I and my dogs frequently walk past. Of not there, I would leave them alone. I hate to kill anything, but I tried Hot Shot Wasp/Hornet killer on the yellow jacket nest - twice. There is still some activity and now activity under my deck so I think there is a nest there. I haven't worked up the nerve to spray the big nest on the house, but the entrance is much more visible. Would any of your products eliminate all of the inhabitants of all nests? I also hate to use anything toxic because I have lots of other critters that I do not want to harm. Thanks.
    • It is unlikely the Waspinator will cause the two existing nests to be abandoned.
      We have successfully removed two large wasp nests from under the eaves of our house by working at night under a red light (headlamp). For each nest, we placed a large brown bag over the nest and pulled it down, quickly closing the top. The nests were relocated and released.
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  • From Donald at 3/19/11 10:59 AM
    • All I want to know is, Does the waspenator really work? these wasp here in Houston are very agressive. I dont like killing anything which is why I like the sound of your product. I am not having any issues with nests or anything I just want to deter them from showing up all together which is very frequent. I am telling you I have seen a lot of verietys of wasp but these red ones are huge and are a threat in my opinion. So just please give me the honest truth, Does this thing really work?? Thanks
    • Yes, the Waspinator does work. It works in the vicinity of where the Waspinator is placed. Other wasps will aviod coming close.
      You should be certain that the insects you are trying to repel are indeed wasps. If you can identify them, then look them up on Google and check out what their nests look like. Their nests should look something like the Waspinator.
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  • From Dori at 6/18/11 5:37 AM
    • This waspinator looks nothing like the nests built by many Florida wasps, so will it work here ? Will it work on Gueane Wasps (sp ?), the very small wasp that builds its nest under leafy plants, deck railings, wicker outdoor furniture, house soffits,etc.
    • \the Waspinator will repel guinea wasps, but if the guinea wasps are already established in an area, like your patio, then they may detect the new "nest" as empty and disregard it.
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  • From Barb at 7/13/11 7:46 AM
    • Wasp are coming to our hummingbird feeder. If we use the Waspinator will it scare away the hummingbirds also?
    • No. The Waspinator will keep the wasps away without disturbing the hummingbirds. I suggest that you take the feeder down for a couple days and put the Waspinator in a suitable location nearby. After a couple days, reinstall the hummingbird feeder.
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  • From LizzyTIsh at 8/13/11 9:35 AM
    • We have Direct Tv (Satellite) that has to come with a dish to get the signal .. the wasp love to fly all around it ( long metal pole with dish connected to it .. we live in apt but nothing can be put on the roof) but we can't see a nest.

      Is the Waspinator light enough to hang from the side of a pole or below the equipment that is holding the dish ?

      If we hang from side of apt porch would that still be effective ?



    • Yes, the Waspinator is very light and you will be able to hang it below the equipment, or from any of the dish supports. The Waspinator is ideal for the situation which you describe.
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  • From Kristen at 5/13/12 4:01 PM
    • I have a wasp problem around my pool in the summer time. They use the pool as a water bowl. I have been stung a few times now. Will the Waspinator work to keep them out of the pool? Or would hanging a trap be better or using both? Where would be the best place for me to hang them? I have a patio cover attached to the house. The distance from house to pool is about 10 ft.

      Any help appreciated. Thanks
    • You may want to try the Bee Free before going for the wasp trap. Ideally, a repellent is preferable to a trap since you don't have to deal with the presence of wasps or with cleaning out the trap.

      You should try one of these deterrent to see how it works within a certain radius. If the wasps appear on the other side of the pool, for example, then you know that another BeeFree will solve your problem. You may end up needing 2 or even 3 of these to cover the entire pool area, depemding on the size of your pool.
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  • From Melissa at 7/6/12 6:01 PM
    • We have yellow jackets on our rental property which seem to have nests successfully under the concrete steps, coming out of the cracks, living inside of the metal railings; they were surface chem sprayed by a neighbor which contaminates potentially nearby produce growing & trying to deter. In addition to this, in a separate area, a black wasp or hornets nest behind the rear view mirrors of our car, and possibly inside the engine under the hood (!) we are afraid to lift & find out the hard way. Do you reccomend the lures, or the waspinator, or both alternating? Building own traps can create swarms evidently. Please advise. We live in Central PA. Thank you for any advice. M
    • Setting out a trap may encourage swarming, as you mention. The waspinator (now called Bee Free) is a safer alternative and should be tried first. You may get lucky and have the entire population move away. More likely, the population will be reduced since it sound like you have a number of nests.

      As for the car, go out at night with a red lens on your flashlight or headlamp and assess the situation. You should be able to remove the nest behind the mirror by pulling it into a paper bag. Be ready to twist the bag shut quickly, then have a bucket of water ready with a rock to submerge the bag. You can also (at night) prop up the hood and see if there is another nest. You may want to leave the hood open with a Bee Free nearby, this may force the bees to leave the car.

      Once you have tried these methods, and the population is hopefully reduced, then you can use a lure to finish up.

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  • From Li at 7/30/12 11:02 AM
    • In North-East Georgia we get torrential blowing downpours of rain frequently throughout the Summer and Fall. Are the "Waspinators" WATERPROOF or will they fall apart like a wet paper bag. Obviously the red paper wasps nests made from wood are rainproof. What MATERIALS are these made from? Thanks!
    • Unfortunately the Bee Free Wasp Deterrent is not waterproof, as it is made of a paper composite. It is best placed in a protected area, such as under a roof.
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