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All American Sun Oven

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Cook, bake, boil, or dehydrate all types of food with the power of the sun - no fuel needed! Light and portable, the Sun Oven is easy to bring camping, to picnics, or keep on hand in case of an emergency. read more

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List price: $349.00

Our price: $294.00


For the past three decades, the Sun Oven has been used in over 125 countries and earned a reputation as the most efficient, hassle-free solar cooking appliance.

Cooking with a Sun Oven is easy, fun, nutritious, energy saving, and cost effective. Ideal for everyday use, at picnics, while camping, or in the event of a power failure. With a Sun Oven, you have all the power you need to cook your meals, or boil water for drinking.

Features & Benefits:

  • Cook, bake, or dehydrate all your favorite foods
  • Boil or pasteurize water with the power of the sun
  • Saves energy - no gas, electricity, or fuel needed
  • Easy to use and portable - folds up to the size of a small suitcase
  • Provides high cooking temperatures of 360-400° F
  • Slow cook or cook in comparable time to conventional stovetops or ovens
  • Large oven interior holds most standard baking pans
  • Alignment leg to raise or lower the oven to meet the sun
  • Sun-track indicators make it easy to align with the sun
  • Leveling rack fits inside the oven and adjusts freely to prevent spilling
  • Extra-thick glass lid heats quickly and efficiently
  • Made in the USA


  • All American Sun Oven, collapsible reflectors, leveling rack, alignment leg, sun-track indicators, thermometer, ground stakes, and CD with over 600 recipes, instructions, videos & preparedness tips.


  • Reflectors: Anodized aluminum (which will never oxidize, rust or corrode)
  • Outer Shell: ABS plastic
  • Bezel: Poplar wood (kiln dried)
  • Inner shell: Anodized aluminum
  • Door: Tempered low iron glass
  • Between the aluminum inner shell and the plastic outer shell there is a thick batt of food grade fiberglass insulation.

How To Use:

You can cook almost anything you would in a conventional oven or stovetop, including bread, vegetables, pizza, poultry, fish, meats, pasta, casseroles, stews, desserts and more. Plus, you can use the Sun Oven to rehydrate and cook dehydrated or freeze-dried foods.

Adjust the cooking time to fast or slow, so meals cooks in as little as 20 minutes longer than a conventional oven, or slow cook all day.

Wind resistant alignment leg with ground stakes allows you to raise or lower the oven’s orientation to meet the sun on the horizon with increased stability. In high winds, the alignment leg can be staked into the ground and secured with ties.

Optional Accessories:

Two Loaf Pans: To bake bread or cakes, or cook meatloaf. Constructed of heavy-gauge steel that provides even-heating, and non-stick coating for easy clean-up. Oven fits two loaf pans at the same time. Each measures 9.25" x 5.25" x 2.75".

Morning Hill Solar Cookery Book: Tasty vegetarian recipes, designed for cooking with the sun oven. 97 pages.

Water Pasteurization Indicator: This reusable, durable WAPI is a simple device containing a special soy wax that helps users determine when water has reached pasteurization temperatures. Ideal for camping and emergencies.

Round 3-quart enamelware pot: Measures 9.75" by 5.75" and can hold a 3 pound bird or roast. Only one pot can fit in the oven at once.

4-quart Enamelware Pot with Lid and Steamer: This Enamelware pot has an insert that can be removed to use the pot for cooking or inserted when steaming foods.

3 Stackable Wire Racks with Parchment Paper: The wire racks sit on the levelator and stack on top of each other. Use the roll of parchment paper to place on top of each rack. Keep the door slightly ajar to allow moisture to escape. This will dehydrate your thinly-sliced veggies, fruits, and meats using the power of the sun!

Cookie Sheets: Two-pack. Perfect size to bake cookies or brownies in the Sun Oven (11" x 7")

Click here for more information and tasty recipes.


Sun Ovens International is involved in solar cooking projects in deforested countries on five continents. When you order a Sun Oven you are helping women and children in developing countries around the world.

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Additional Information

Weight 22 lbs.
Dimensions 19" x 20" x 15"
Key Feature Sun oven with parabolic reflectors for solar cooking and water pasteurization
Origin Made in the U.S.A.

Shipping Information

Shipping Details:
Insured against damage or loss while in transit
This Product Ships To:
US Lower 48
Ships Via:
Fedex or UPS

Questions about the All American Sun Oven

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  • From Brian at 7/5/14 1:37 PM
    • Do you need a battery for this oven?
    • Batteries are not needed. The All American Sun Oven operates without using electricity.
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  • From Patty at 5/21/15 3:39 AM
    • Can regular, metal cookware be used with your ovens or is there something specific/different about the optional accessories you sell?
    • Yes. Ordinary metal cookware is OK to use in the All American Sun Oven.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes  No
  • From Jay at 3/13/16 6:26 PM
    • Does the optional 4 qt pot with steamer come with a lid?
    • Yes, the 4-qt steamer pot comes with a lid and a steamer insert.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes  No

3 Item(s)

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  • All American Sun Oven
  • Extendable alignment leg
  • Sun-track indicators
  • Leveling rack
  • Shown with optional bread loaf pans
  • Shown with optional round pot
  • Optional Two 3-quart stacking pots w/ interchangeable enamel/glass lids
  • Optional Bread Loaf Pans
  • Optional 4-quart Enamelware Pot with Steamer
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