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Soil Test Kit

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Use the Soil Test Kit to assess the quality of your garden soil. Includes 10 tests for each of the primary plant nutrients: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium (N-P-K) as well as 10 pH tests. 40 tests total. read more

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Our Price: $12.95


If plants appear stunted and yields are low the problem may be caused by poor plant nutrition or unfavorable soil conditions. Test your soil to find out which nutrients are lacking, fertilize more effectively, and experience better growing results.

This Soil Test Kit is a must-have for all gardeners. We found it easy to use and informative.

Features & Benefits:

  • Tests primary nutrients: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium (10 tests each)
  • Tests soil pH level: acid or alkaline (10 tests)
  • Fertilize more effectively and save money
  • Improve the quality of your garden soil
  • Included: 4 test chambers, 40 test capsules, dropper, complete instructions
  • Comes with fertilizer reference chart and pH preferences for over 450 plants

How to Use:

Soil should be tested periodically throughout the growing season. In particular, it is recommended to test early in the Spring and in the Fall.

In this soil test kit all supplies are color coded for simplicity. Simply mix soil sample with water, transfer some of the solution to the test chamber, add powder from matching capsule, shake, and wait while solution develops. Then compare the color of soil solution to the color chart on the reference chamber. For N-P-K test results, the nutrient level is indicated on a scale from 0 (depleted) to 4 (surplus). For the pH test, results are indicated on a scale from pH 4.5 (acidic) to pH 7.5 (alkaline). Record test results.

About N-P-K

With many fertilizers available for different growing needs, it can be hard to choose the right fertilizers for your garden. All fertilizers and soil amendments are labeled with a N-P-K rating (e.g. 4-2-6) standing for the ratio of primary plant nutrients: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K). These 3 factors are critical to plant development.

Nitrogen is essential for plant nutrition. It is directly responsible for producing leaf growth and green leaves. A nitrogen deficiency causes yellow leaves and stunted growth. A nitrogen surplus causes overabundant foliage and delayed flowering.

Phosphorous is necessary for growing plants. It is the major constituent of plant genetics and seed development. Phosphorous is also essential for photosynthesis. Phosphorous increases plants' vitamin content, seed yields, and fruit and flower development. It also builds resistance to disease and prepares plants for winter conditions.

Potassium (or Potash) allows for regulation of water and nutrients, increasing plant hardiness. Potassium promotes flowering and fruiting. Plants deficient in potassium are often stunted, root systems are poorly developed and leaves may be dried out at the edge.

Acidic or Alkaline?

Another important factor for plant health is the pH level of your soil, which controls how plants utilize soil nutrients. All plants have a preferred pH range for optimal growth. In general most cultivated plants prefer a slightly acidic to neutral pH range of 6.0-7.0. Outside of this range some soil nutrients become unavailable.

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Weight 5.25 oz.
Key Feature Home soil test kit tests nutrients (N-P-K) and pH of garden soil. Includes 40 tests total.
Origin Made in the U.S.A.

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