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Milky Spore Powder Japanese Beetle Control - 40 oz

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Milky Spore is the safest material ever developed to control the grubs of Japanese beetles. Produced to USDA standards. This 40 oz. box treats 10,000 square feet. read more

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Milky Spore targets and kills Japanese beetle grubs, a familiar destructive pest, before they can grow into adult beetles. At the immature stage, Japanese beetle grubs feed on the roots of lawns, turf, and other grassy areas. The adult beetle feeds on flowers, ornamental plants, trees, shrubs, and the foliage of some field crops.

Originally developed by the USDA, Milky Spore is a naturally occurring bacteria Bacillus popillae host-specific to Japanese beetles. In areas treated by Milky Spore, Japanese beetle grub eat the spores during their normal feeding patterns. Then the spores reproduce inside the grub, eventually killing grub within 7-21 days. As the grub decomposes, it releases millions of new spores and these multiply and kill other grubs.

Milky Spore is safe for people, pets, wildlife, beneficial insects, and soil microorganisms. It does not affect streams, ponds, or groundwater. Product is approved and registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency.


Coverage: 40 oz. box treats 10,000 square feet.

Apply one teaspoon of Milky Spore powder to turf every 4 feet in rows 4 feet apart. It should look like a grid pattern when finished. Areas between direct applications will be inoculated naturally. Best results can be expected once the entire area is inoculated. Milky Spore requires only one application, lasting ten years or more.

You can treat your lawn any time of year when the ground is not frozen. It works best to apply just before rainfall, or water in lightly after application to soak into soil.

To apply Milky Spore, you can make a homemade dispenser by punching 15 nail holes into a 1 lb. coffee can, and attaching with duct tape to a 4 foot stick six inches from the bottom.

You can purchase a dispenser tube here.

Not registered for sale in Washington and Oregon.


Provides safe, non-toxic, long term control of Japanese beetles.

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Additional Information

Size 40 oz.
Coverage 10000 square feet
Key Feature Safe, non-toxic, long term control of Japanese beetles
Effective for 10 years
Origin Made in the U.S.A.

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Insured against damage or loss while in transit
This Product Ships To:
US Lower 48
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Fedex, UPS, or USPS

Questions about the Milky Spore Powder Japanese Beetle Control - 40 oz

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  • From Marlies Quinn at 9/28/10 12:17 PM
    • We have a fenced in back yard for our 2 small dogs (one 11 lbs., one 16 lbs) to go outside. We don't use any chemical products in the back yard. We've had a prevalence of Japanese beetles this year, & now have an infestation of Japanese beetle grubs in parts of our back yard. Of course, as a result we've had many birds (during day), raccoons, skunks, & possibly cats (at night) tear up the spots where the grubs have weakened the sod. I've raked the loose sod up, & as a result we've got big bare spots in the lawn. We're going to plant grass again, but first have to get rid of the grubs. I should also add both our dogs eat grubs as if they were a favorite snack.
      This website, says..." Milky Spore disease then begins to cripple the grub, and within the next 7-21 days will eventually die. As the grub decomposes, it releases billions of new spores...Milky Spore is not harmful to beneficial insects, birds, bees, pets or man. The product is approved and registered with EPA, Milky Spore will not affect wells, ponds or streams." My question is if my dogs, & other critters eat crippled, dying can that not be harmful?
    • Milky spore is harmless to pets. Grubs affected by milky spore pose no threat to your dogs.
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1 Item(s)

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Milky Spore Powder Japanese Beetle Control 40 oz 

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  • Milky Spore Powder Japanese Beetle Control 40 oz
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