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Founded in 2000, Eartheasy is one of the oldest and most established websites on sustainability issues. Eartheasy provides content on sustainability to over 2 million visitors annually through our Guides and Blog sections. We achieve extremely high search engine ranks for sustainability issues (e.g. ranked #2 for ‘sustainable living’ on Google). Eartheasy’s content is widely referenced, from organizations such as NASA, Newsweek Magazine, and even US Congress.

Being a family business, most of our articles are written by us, but we do post the occasional article by independent writers. Writing for us can provide substantial exposure for your ideas and writing skills. Publishing on Eartheasy provides writers and green experts with a substantially larger distribution platform than would be available to most individuals. The by-line under your post says a few lines about yourself, and can include your contact information if you wish.

Q: What is Eartheasy's mission?

A: Eartheasy is dedicated to providing “solutions for sustainable living” through relevant content and quality products. Our goal is to help visitors lead a higher quality of life, while reducing their footprint on the planet. We want to provide an opportunity for green experts, citizen journalists, or industry leaders to reach the largest possible audience, to positively affect how we live our lives.

Q: How can I get involved?

A: If you’re interested in our mission, we’re always looking for citizen and professional journalists (as well as students), who are passionate about a topic. Some of our contributors write for exposure, and some simply write to promote news or cover an under-reported topic. It’s a mission and a campaign, and we’re always looking for help.

Q: Does Eartheasy pay for articles?

A: Our contributors are not paid, and simply use this opportunity for exposure or because they strongly believe in our mission. As Eartheasy grows, there may be opportunities to get paid for articles.

To get started, please send an email to with the following information:

  • One or two examples of something you have written about before (does not have to be related to the environment).
  • Your experience and background with respect to blogging.
  • Your areas of interest within the environmental movement.

Here are some basic rules & policies:

  • Absolutely no affiliate links or sneaky code. We check.
  • Posts can be short (like this one) or long (like this one)
  • All posts need to be quality and completely original.
  • Once accepted and published here, your article belongs to Eartheasy and cannot be posted elsewhere.
  • We reserve the right to not use your post. If that happens, you will retain all rights to your article.
  • No firms or companies please, individual writers only.

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