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Aran's sailboat

We found the plans for this sailboat in Wooden Boat magazine. It's a 14' Biscayne Bay, designed in 1924 by Herreshoff. The mast is 21' and the boat has a centerboard and an external lead ballast keel weighing about 400 lbs. Working from the original blueprints, it took Aran and his dad (me) a year to complete, working on weekends as time allowed.

Here are Aran and his brother Ben sailing close-hauled in the bay, north of Vancouver BC in the Strait of Georgia.

Aran at the helm. He was 15 when we began the project, and 16 when the job was finished.

Ben tending the jib on a port tack.

This building project was time well spent. Although the boat was the focus, this project was more about learning to work together, solve problems, listen to each other and stay positive through the tough parts. A long-term project like this requires one to learn how to set goals and make schedules, skills which transfer to other endeavors.



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