hard ...but easy on the environment.

Lifestraw personal water filter
Access safe drinking water anywhere with LifeStraw
Contaminated water is made safe for drinking with this amazing personal water filter.

safe sunscreen tips
4 Tips for safe, effective sunscreen use
All sunscreens are not created equal. These tips will help you make informed choices when choosing a sunscreen.

how nature brings us together
How Nature Brings Us Together
We have so much more in common than that which divides us.

The healing power of a walk in the woods
In every walk in nature, one receives far more than he seeks.

How to avoid
"death by GPS"

In wilderness areas and remote regions, GPS routes may be outdated, or just plain wrong.

Lost while hiking?
A new study shows how easy it is to find yourself going in circles. Read

How to get your child excited about nature
Give your child, and the environment, a gift that will last a lifetime.

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On the Water
Play in, on and under the water with barely a ripple of impact. Here's how to access these watersports which are simple, quiet, inexpensive, non-polluting and offer a healthy measure of exercise. Dive in!






Eco-friendly Boating
The impact of recreational boating on aquatic ecosystems is significant. Here's how we can reduce the environmental costs of routine boat maintenance and use.
Close to Home
Environmental awareness begins at home. The following pages offer down to earth activities for families and children which stimulate interest in the natural world.
Articles from our blog:
How to encourage your child to play outdoors - simple strategies to balance time spent on technology
Are children spending enough time outdoors? - only 51% of children play outdoors with a parent each day
Avoiding springtime bear-human encounters - awareness and simple precautions can prevent conflicts
How to get your child excited about nature - provide your child with a gift that will last a lifetime
The real cost of 'Virtual Nature' - can robotic replicas inspire children to a love of nature?

Parent/Child Activities

Give your children what they want most - your undivided attention! Teach them about the natural world through shared play, activities and ideas.

Backyard Wildlife Habitat
Bring wildlife to your own backyard. Encourage wildlife conservation and develop an appreciation of nature through your own window to the natural world.
Backyard River System
A river runs through it. Let your children learn the basics of natural river systems - by creating their own!
Annual Bird Count
Get to know your fine-feathered neighbors. Start an annual tradition - a fun day in the field,and a pot-luck dinner to tally results. Heighten your awareness and appreciation of the local wildlife.

Compass Treasure Hunt
Learning to use the compass, in the guise of play.
Fun, safe, inexpensive and low impact. Explore the nature of wind, and learn the basic principles of aerodynamics.

The Great Outdoors
Explore beyond the horizon....return with a passion for nature! The following pages offer information to encourage and enhance your outdoor experience.

Articles from our blog:
How to make a simple 'ready-kit' for your daypack - preparedness is wise for even simple day outings
The LifeStraw Personal Water Filter - outdoor water sources are made safe for drinking with LifeStraw
How to avoid "death by GPS" - in wilderness areas, GPS routes may be outdated or just plain wrong
Avoiding springtime bear-human encounters - awareness and simple precautions can prevent conflicts

Outdoor Education
The best thing you can do for the environment is to discover it .... then show it to others. Here's an introduction to the leading Outdoor Education facilities.

Explore the fascinating world of birds and discover their presence and purpose in our environment. Enrich your experience of nature, and share with friends and family.
Kids and Camping
Lifelong impressions are made during camping trips. Seize the opportunity to empower your child with a sense of self-sufficiency and a love of nature.
Campfire Cooking
Food seems to taste better when cooked over a campfire. Learn the basics of campfire cooking, and you won't have to rely on campstoves and canned fuel.

safe sunscreen tips How nature brings us together