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10 Ways to prepare your garden for winter - these tips will pre-empt spring's heavy lifting
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How to trellis tomatoes for maximum yield
- tips for supporting and spacing vining tomatoes
5 beneficial garden insects and how to attract them - let the 'good' insects help tend your garden
Healthy Hoses - Is your garden hose spewing chemicals?
- safe alternatives are now available
Teaching my child how to garden: Getting Started - how to pass on your gardening skills
3 useful soil mixes for planters and raised beds - improve gardening results with the right soil
Know your soil: How to identify and make the most of your soil type - the six basic soil types
How to build a bean trellis for raised beds - a simple, sturdy design you can build yourself
How to protect your garden during a heat wave - shading the soil beneath the plants is key
How to build an 'instant cloche' to protect seedlings - a quick and sturdy shelter for transplants
Plant a fall cover crop to improve your garden soil - let your garden work for you through the winter
Six reasons to avoid using "weed 'n feed" on your lawn - safe, effective alternatives are available
How to build a raised garden bed on sloping, uneven ground - an easy method for building level beds
Drought survival for lawns - how to maintain your lawn through a dry spell
No-till gardening - less work can benefit soil, increase production
How to reduce the size of your lawn - save water, energy, yard waste
Corn gluten - a natural
alternative to 'weed and feed'       ...more articles

Greenhouses: How to Choose & Where to Buy
Greenhouses are becoming more important to gardeners as the changing climate brings uncertainty to outdoor gardening. This guide will help you make an informed decision when choosing from the many models of greenhouses available today.

Where to Buy Organic Seeds
There is growing interest among gardeners for untreated, open-pollinated and heirloom seed varieties. Here is a guide to sourcing organic and specialty seeds.

Backyard Vegetable Garden
Create a "backyard food factory" for your family. Here's a simple, concise guide to growing your own vegetables in a small backyard plot.

Raised Garden Beds
Give your soil a lift, and your back a break. Raised beds improve drainage, keep the weeds out and the nutrients in.

Soil Depth Requirements for raised beds and planters
Raised bed and container gardening will be more productive when the rooting needs of the plants are considered. This article provides root depths and plant height at maturity of popular vegetables.

Dig this. You can trade up to 30% of your household waste for the highest quality organic fertilizer available. Here you can learn how to compost and the pros and cons of the different composters available today.

Natural Lawn Care
How to save time and energy on lawn maintenance, and spend less on fertilizers, pesticides and water. Learn about new grass seeds which require less water and cutting.

Lawn Alternatives
You can reduce the size of your lawn and still have a beautiful yard. Consider these alternatives to help lower the maintenance and environmental costs of your yard.

Fruit Trees
Enjoy your own organic fruit for just pennies apiece. New varieties offer trees for any growing space, no matter how small.

Natural Pest Control

Pests in the garden - who ya gonna call? For every pest there's a predator. Instead of pesticide, try a natural mercenary who's hungry for the work.

Natural Slug Control
Slug poisons just exchange one problem for another - save a plant, harm the soil. Get slugs under control without harm to your garden or local wildlife.

Garden 'Mini' Insectary
Grow a small garden plot of flowering plants designed to attract beneficial insects, which in turn will prey on garden insect pests. This is a natural alternative to pesticide use in your garden.

Concerned about saving water? You can convert all or part of your yard into a low-maintenance xeriscape. Cut your water use up to 50% while reducing the environmental costs of lawn care.

Drip Irrigation
Save water, save time. Enjoy better results from your garden. Drip systems are simple, inexpensive and easy to install.

Gardening with Children
Gardening with children is a great family activity, and also a fun way to teach environmental awareness by exploring the workings of nature.

Garden Projects for Early Spring
A few early preparations for the spring gardening season will bring benefits all year long. Here are suggestions for reawakening the garden and getting the lawn and shrubs ready to grow.

Fall Care of Fruit Trees
A few simple practices will help your fruit trees through the winter dormant period and ensure vitality for spring flowering and fruiting.

How to Build Soil for Garden Beds and Planters
Building rich soil is the secret to gardening success!
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no-work garden
5 Secrets to a
'No-Work' Garden

It took over 20 years of gardening to learn these shortcuts to a bountiful harvest.
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Raised beds
Raised Garden Beds
See our collection of raised beds ready-made for your backyard.
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Compost Tumblers

Top of the line, fully sealed composting systems.
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Healthy Hoses
Hoses commonly contain toxic chemicals. Safe alternativres are now available
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6 Most Cost-Effective
Vegetables to Grow

If you're hoping to save money by growing your own vegetables, here are our recommendations.
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Wheelchair Gardening Tips
For people with mobility challenges, gardening takes on heightened value. Here are ways to improve access.
Rain Catchment System
Use natural rainwater for yard and garden, while saving on your water bill. more info

Build - it - Yourself

portable garden cloche
child's wheelbarrow

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