Gifts from Recycled Materials  
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  Here is a collection of unique gift products which are made using recycled materials and clever design. These products are made by individuals and small businesses who are trying to make a difference - they deserve our support. Ingenuity and creativity at its best.    

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AquaFarm Ecosystem


Fairy House Building Kit

Grow Bottles

Recycled wine bottles have the top section sliced off and inverted, and a growing medium is set into the upper half. The bottle is filled with water, and this creates a miniature hydroponic garden.

The Grow Bottle is an easy-to-use and durable hydroponic system which lets you grow fresh herbs in your kitchen year-round to spice up your cooking. Your Grow Bottle can be used again and again. After each growing cycle, you can wash the bottle, rinse the clay pebbles and replant another variety of herb.

Grow Bottles are available with several choices of herbs, ready-to-grow. See our gift selection for details


Bike Chain and Sprocket Clocks and Frames

The bike is a symbol of energy-efficiency, and reusing worn bike chains and sprockets is efficiency taken to another level. This growing collection of decorative clocks and picture frames made using recycled bike parts and used computer hard drives is a fun example of creative recycling. These clever products are hand made in Oregon.

To see the line of bike chain and sprocket gift items, click here to see the gift collection of Eartheasy's online store.

Bike Chain Clock

Tutti Fruitti Handbags and Purses

These unique handbags are made from mis-printed, unused, or discontinued candy wrappers salvaged directly from manufacturers. Each wrapper is folded and woven together with other wrappers to form an incredibly strong and durable bag.

tutti fruitti handbag Each bag is made of up-cycled and recycled materials, including recycled candy wrappers, food packages, soda labels, and other up-cycled materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. This recycled material is primarily pre-consumer waste from manufacturers that ordinarily would be thrown in landfills. Each wrapper is completely clean and hasn't touched candy, so there's no smell or stickiness.

One of the ways we can combat the negative effects of the wasteful fashion industry is to choose products made from recycled materials, and to avoid buying products with a short-lifespan just because they're trendy.
These candy wrapper bags are made by artisans in Mexico who have minimal means to reach new markets. By offering these clutches, purses and baskets on Eartheasy, we're able to support small business in areas that ordinarily would have high unemployment. To see our colection of these unique bags, click here.

Recycled Plastic Child's Tool Box

This child's' tool box and tool set is designed for fun, imaginative play. It also familiarizes young children with common tools, which helps instill the concept of learning to fix things yourself.

The HDPE (high-density polyethylene) plastic used for this line of children's toys is made from melting down recycled milk jugs. This type of plastic one of the safest, most durable and cleanest plastics on the market and, being recycled, has a low environmental footprint.

One of the best qualities of HDPE plastic is its toughness. This is the same material used to make park benches and picnic tables in public spaces where they have to withstand temperature extremes and hard use. This plastic is stable and food safe, so if the child decides to chew on the toys it will not leach any harmful chemicals.

This line of children's toys is made in California by a small company which handles every part of the production process, from material collection to the finished product. To see this line of recycled plastic toys, click here.

recycled plastic tool box

'Grow Your Own' Mushroom Kit

This small business in California has found a great use for used coffee grounds - recycle them into an ideal growing matrix for mushrooms! Using this simple kit, you can grow about 1 1/2 pounds of gourmet Pearl Oyster mushrooms in as little as 10 days.

Grow Your Own mushroom kit Mushrooms, specifically oyster and shiitake, are currently grown world-wide on wood chips. Unfortunately, these wood chips are often formed through the destruction of hardwood forests in much of the developing world.

Coffee grounds are a perfect substitute substrate on which to grow these mushrooms; more importantly, using this "coffee waste" soil bypasses many preparatory processes required when using wood, resulting in a more efficient mushroom yield. Thus, this "trash" is in fact a valuable substance that can help save oak forests, and eliminate waste!

This business has recycled over a million pounds of coffee grounds!
The mushrooms grow in a soil matrix using 100% recycled coffee grounds. While the coffee grounds make an ideal growing medium, there is no taste of coffee imparted to the mushrooms, nor is there any cafeine content in the mushrooms. For more information, click here.

Wildwood Works
is a small manufacturing business located on a small, rural island off Canada's west coast. They produce a variety of unique, finely crafted wooden gifts which have one thing in common - all the raw material for their products is hand salvaged from forest industry leftovers.

Branches, limbs and blocks of cedar, douglas fir and hemlock are gathered and graded, and fashioned into a line of over 20 products. Care is taken to incorporate the natural features of the wood - bark, branch spurs, knots and odd shapes - into the finished products. Each piece is unique by natural design.

"Branch boxes" are made from continuous branch lengths, so the lids line up perfectly with the bottoms. The swivel lids are fastened with concealed screws, and the finish is lustrous and hard wearing. Perfect for storing small treasures.

A good example of making the most from "waste" materials, Wildwood products have received numerous awards in B.C.'s value-added wood sector. Visit Wildwood at
AquaFarm Ecosystem Fairy House Building Kit