Gifts from Recycled Materials  
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  Here is a collection of unique gift products which are made using recycled materials and clever design. These products are made by individuals and small businesses who are trying to make a difference. Ingenuity and creativity at its best.    

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AquaFarm Ecosystem


Fairy House Building Kit

Grow Bottles

Recycled wine bottles have the top section sliced off and inverted, and a growing medium is set into the upper half. The bottle is filled with water, and this creates a miniature hydroponic garden.

The Grow Bottle is an easy-to-use and durable hydroponic system which lets you grow fresh herbs in your kitchen year-round to spice up your cooking. Your Grow Bottle can be used again and again. After each growing cycle, you can wash the bottle, rinse the clay pebbles and replant another variety of herb.

Grow Bottles are available for growing the herbs Basil (pictured) and Oregano. Newer additions to the collection are "Christmas Tree" Paperwhites.

See our gift selection for details


Multi-Colored Recycled Solmate Cotton Socks

Inspired by natural seasonal colors, these socks are knit in the USA with recycled cotton yarn and 'mismatched with care'. The recycled yarn is created by recovering the scraps left over from the production of cotton t-shirts. All the little cotton scraps are gathered, ground up and spun into yarn for Solmate Socks.

Available in five different color schemes, and in three sizes. These socks are for men or women, and are machine washable and dryable.

The recycled yarns used to knit these socks are certified by Oeko-Tex to be free of harmful toxins. To see the different colors and learn more, click here.

recycled cotton socks

Backpacks made from Recycled Bottles

These unique backpacks are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. The material is soft and supple, and is ideal for packs since it is also strong and durable. These packs are lightweight and fold to a compact size that's easy to tuck away in luggage and use as a day pack.

recycled backpack

When not in use, the backpack rolls up into its built-in pouch for compact storage. This makes it easy to slip the backpack inside your luggage, and use as an everyday carry bag while traveling. Bring this backpack traveling, hiking, to the beach, or to the gym.

Each pack measures 15" wide and 16" tall, with a 5" gussett. They are available in two colors - blue and black. These packs are also machine washable.

One of the ways we can combat the negative effects of producing products for the travel and luggage industry is to choose products made from recycled materials, and to avoid buying products with a short-lifespan just because they're trendy.


Scrappy Toys - Dogs and Cats

These quirky little cats and dogs await the friendship of a young child. They are finely crafted from 100% organic cotton scraps from the Under the Nile clothing factory!

Affectionately termed “Scrappys”, these stuffed cats and dogs are 10 inches long with a slim body design. Because they are made from leftover clothing scraps, colors are assorted. Each Scrappy is a surprise!

Made from 100% GOTS certified organic Egyptian cotton, these toys are finely stitched and hold up well to the rough and tumble care of a friendly toddler.

Scrappy Toys are machine washable, tumble dry. To learn more, click here.

Scrappy Toys

Recycled Plastic Indoor Gardening Kit

Introduce your child to gardening with this small set which can be used indoors.

Recycled Plastic Gardening Kit The three planting cups nestle in the tray for added stability when under the hand work of yourg garadener. The hand trowel is sturdy enough for the heavy work, but safe-edged for safety.

The, trowel, tray and planting cups are made from HDPE recycled plastic. This is the plastic used for milk jugs. It is very strong, clean and stable material, and not given to leaching or degrading.

Every stage of manufacturing of this toy takes place in California, USA. From raw material collection, to recycling to production. 

Woolly Pockets Wall and Table Planters

These innovative planters are designed to be mounted on your wall so you can grow plants vertically while providing a beautiful "living wall" of foliage.
There is also a table model, which makes an attractive centerpiece. Woolly Pockets are made using 100% recycled plastic bottles. And they're made in the USA.

Wooly Pockets Wooly Pockets are safe to use on your walls. A military-grade moisture barrier makes sure your walls stay dry. The barrier conserves water and helps to keep the soil’s nutrition in your Pocket.

The planters are also easy to water. SImply pour water into the back panel, where it trickles down to a reservoir that enables your plants to draw water as needed. The reservoir also frees you from daily watering.

You can create a living painting or a whole living wall by hanging one 'Wally One' or several side-by-side. Simply use the hardware that is included with your Wally One to hang – then plant herbs, tropical, succulents, natives or any of your favorite plants!


Recycled Wool Puppet Kit

Create your own one of a kind puppet from 100% reclaimed wool! Choose dog, monkey or giraffe.
Recycled Wool Puppet Kit These puppet-making kits are made using 100% recycled wool sweaters. And since recycled material is used, each puppet is one-of-a-kind.

Each hand puppet kit includes everything needed to make one puppet - the wool parts, detailed instructions, needle and thread, and a pair of puppet eyes. It takes 4 to 6 hours to complete, perfect for a rainy day project or a weekend at home with the kids.

Makes a wonderful gift for children ages 7 and up.

The choice of reclaimed wool reduces demand for new materials that require both water and oil for production.

These puppet kits are handmade in Canada.

AquaFarm Ecosystem Fairy House Building Kit