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  Here's a collection of sources online for toys and games which are safe, stimulating and easy on the environment. No electronic gadgets, batteries or short-lived fads.    

National Geographic Sustainable Earth Lab - This well-designed project kit focuses on renewable energies, natural resource usage, climate change prevention, waste and water management, and energy conservation. Exploring these topics by doing hands-on experiments and seeing real results helps young learners attain a solid grounding in these often abstract and intangible concepts.

Windpower Renewable Energy Science Kit - This kit provides the components and a well-illustrated guide to teach a child how to build a functioning wind turbine. Use the generated electricity to lift heavy objects or light a LED light, among many applications. Clean energy is the future, and young learners may be tomorrow's innovators.

Hydropower Renewable Energy Science Kit - Children can explore the power of water by building models and conducting experiments with them. Learn about how different devices are used to extract useful energy from moving water — from a waterwheel in a small stream to a giant turbine in a tidal power station.

Family Pastimes - This is a small family run business, which has been creating cooperative games for all ages since the 70's. They are a Canadian company based in Ontario.

Kids Stuff - Safe, educational, environmentally aware toys, games, baby toys and accessories, musical instruments, science and nature items and more.

NOVA Natural Toys and Crafts - Toys, books, arts and crafts supplies. Large selection of toys and supplies, dexterity games, dollhouses, non-toxic crayons.

Hearth Song - Catalog of toys, games, puzzles, dolls, arts and crafts, books and more for parents looking for healthy, educational gifts for children.

Bella Luna Toys - A home-based business offering a wide range of natural, Waldorf-inspired playthings. Arts & crafts supplies, wooden toys, imaginative play and more.

Copernicus Toys - Manufactures and distributes activity kits and science and nature related toys, games, gifts and puzzles both wholesale and retail.

Hazelnut Kids - Natural, earth-friendly, wooden and organic cotton toys for babies and children.

Three Sisters Toys - Specializing in natural, wooden, and organic cotton toys. Also offers information for parents on the importance of natural creative play for children.


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