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Below is a selection of feedback we've received from our satisfied customers:

"My nature program was enhanced tremendously with the use of the Lifestraws you sent our way. We have many natural water sources around, and the kids were thrilled to try out the straws for themselves! (We have a natural mountain spring called "Singing Waters" and Lake Merrymeeting in New Durham, NH). On one particular day, the kids drank out of puddles which had formed in the grassy depressions in our field. I cannot begin to thank you enough."
- Bethany Murabito, Nature Specialist ADA Camp Carefree

"Hello. A friend recommended your raised recommendation we have received! This is our first year growing a garden and we have had great success. I put the raised bed together and my kids helped me plant our beans, cucumbers and tomatoes. My 5 year old has learned so much....and loves discovering where the cucumbers are hiding. We are still trying to figure out how it took us so long to find our giant 15 inch cucumber! Thank you for helping me create a treasured memory for me and my family."
- Sharon Loomis

"I just wanted to say a big THANKS for the break you gave me for the Lifestraws that I gave out on a recent trip to Kenya. My mother raised the money to purchase the Lifestraws through Garage sales. All recipients were very pleased."
- Raymond Vos

"I have just returned from an inspection visit to the Overberg (200 miles from Cape Town) and Grabouw (40 miles from CT) where we had installed the Lifestraws some three months ago. Rad, your Rotarians have performed a wonderful service to these small communities. In house after house I was told by grateful parents that stomach complaints and illnesses had all but disappeared since they started using Lifestraws. In one home the mother gave us a demonstration of how it was being used by the family. She drew a glass jug-full of water from their usual source (a stream) which was so muddy that you could not see through it. They simply poured this contaminated water into the Lifestraws and in no time at all out came crystal clear water at the bottom. Kindest regards and a happy Thanksgiving to everyone."
- Rodney Mazinter

"Just a word on the great and friendly customer service at Eartheasy. One of the two planters we ordered was lost in shipping. Every e-mail we sent regarding this problem was answered right away in a friendly, helpful way. Also really happy with the quality of the raised planter we chose."
- Sylvana in L. A.

"Hi, just thought I would pass on my appreciation for the speedy delivery and great email updates and if course excellent product for my order. This has been the best cross border transaction that I have yet experienced. I will certainly be recommending your company and products to friends, thanks very much."
- Shane Jack

"I Just wanted to tell you I LOVE your site. I'm an avid reader and researcher. And I have to put you in my TOP Five Favorite Sites. I feel as if I have a whole library with me when I OPEN my e-mail/Newsletter from you. Keep up the GREAT work. Many Blessings in 2014 to all of us."

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