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Eartheasy Conservation

The Ocean Alliance

100% of the net profits of our Orca bar are donated to Ocean Alliance.

Ocean Alliance promotes the health & sustainability of the world’s oceans through research and education. They collect a broad spectrum of data on whales, focusing on toxicology, bioacoustics, and genetics. Along with their scientific partners, this organization advises educators and policy makers on wise stewardship of the oceans. They work to reduce pollution, and to prevent the collapse of marine mammals, fish populations, and other sea life.

Visit the Ocean Alliance   |   Buy the Orca All Natural Soap Bar


The Pollinator Partnership

100% of the net profits of our Honeybee bar are donated to Pollinator Partnership.

Pollinator Partnership is a non-profit organization committed to protecting pollinators and the ecosystems they live in. They focus on conservation, policy, education, and research.

Visit the Pollinator Partnership   |   Buy the Honeybee All Natural Soap Bar



SEE Turtles

100% of the net profits of our Leatherback bar are donated to SEE Turtles

SEE Turtles protects endangered turtle populations through conservation initiatives, educational programs, and ecotourism. Their Billion Baby Turtles initiative focuses on saving turtle hatchlings on nesting beaches around the world.

Visit SEE Turtles   |   Buy the Leatherback All Natural Soap Bar



Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation

100% of the net profits of our Orangutan bar are donated to the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation

The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation works in cooperation with local communities to protect Bornean orangutans and their habitats. This non-profit organization focuses on rescue, rehabilitation, and reintroduction of orangutans, but also supports research initiatives and educational programs that benefit this critically endangered species.

Visit the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation   |   Buy the Orangutan All Natural Soap Bar


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