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Terracotta Garden Tower with Integrated Composting System

Item #: Tv1.1GTP50

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The Garden Tower grows plants vertically, enabling you to grow 50 plants in a very small space -- the ultimate square foot garden with integrated composting! read more

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Our Price: $299.00


The Garden Tower grows plants vertically, enabling you to grow 50 plants in a very small space - the ultimate square foot garden with integrated composting! Most container gardens only allow planting on the top. The Garden Tower has 45 openings around the outside and space for up to 5 taller plants on top, resulting in an impressively bountiful harvest. Along with the top, side planting pockets are large enough to accommodate compact root vegetables such as turnips, carrots, and radishes. Available in an attractive terracotta color (please note that the older white coloured model in the product videos is no longer available).

Features & Benefits:

  • Vertical organic composting and gardening - anywhere!
  • Lets you grow 50 plants in 4 square feet
  • Generates worm-activated compost
  • Produces nutrient-rich compost tea for watering your garden tower or other plants
  • Turns kitchen scraps into fertilizer
  • Self-conditions and fortifies soil
  • Food-grade, 100% recyclable
  • Weed-free and accessible
  • Reduced watering, less nutrient loss
  • No electricity, no added costs
  • Great for patios, backyards, urban gardens and classrooms
  • Elevated growing process is great for accessible gardening and tending to plants without excessive strain on your back
  • Now comes in new terracotta color! (only terracotta available)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the compost tube?

It is a 6-inch diameter cylinder running down the center of the Garden Tower. The tube has holes that allow worms (we recommend using red wiggler worms) to travel between compost tube and the soil.

2. What is compost tea and what are its benefits?

Compost tea is water that has been steeped in worm castings and compost. It is rich in nutrients, minerals and beneficial microbes essential for healthy soil. It acts as a soil conditioner and aids in the creation of colloidal humus. In addition, it is a natural repellent for mites, white flies, aphids and other pests!

3. Why do I need worms?

Worms break down the kitchen scraps quickly, allowing the Garden Tower to create the compost tea.

4. How many worms should I add to the compost tube?

About 1/2 cup of worms should be added as soon as you have a few inches of kitchen scraps in the compost tube. However, if the gardener prefers to operate the tower without worms it will still grow food effectively, provided fertilizer is added.

5. What should I put into the compost tube?

One-half cup of worms plus vegetable and fruit scraps. Certain things will be difficult for the worms to eat and should be avoided, such as avocado pits, corn cobs, etc. DO NOT PUT MEAT OR DAIRY PRODUCTS INTO THE COMPOST TUBE.

6. What should I do when the compost tube is full?

Once or twice per year you should empty the tube. To remove worm castings, untwist the wing nut at the bottom of the tube and remove the plug. Castings will fall into the receptacle for easy collection. You can add the castings directly back into the tower, or spread them in other gardens and pots you may have.

7. Where does the soil go?

Inside the barrel and not inside the center compost tube.

8. How big should my starter plants be before transferring them into the tower?

3-6 inches is suggested. Plants can also be started by seed.


The Garden Tower body is made from 100% recyclable food-grade plastic (HDPE). BPA-free. The core compost tube (which is not exposed to sunlight/UV radiation) is high quality potable water PVC. At the end of a tower's lifecycle, this non-recyclable component can be removed and reused as an in-ground worm composter for a garden.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Additional Information

Weight 29 lbs
Material 100% Recycled food grade plastic
Dimensions 24x24x44
Key Feature Easy to assemble, able to fit lots of plants in a small space.
Origin Made in the U.S.A.

Shipping Information

Shipping Details:
Insured against damage or loss while in transit
This Product Ships To:
US Lower 48
International Orders:
email for rates.
Ships Via:

Questions about the Terracotta Garden Tower with Integrated Composting System

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  • From Mary at 12/15/13 6:29 AM
    • Some of the gardens look overgrown. How do I keep a tower garden from looking like a mess? Is guidance available on the best way to balance plantings?
    • Suggestions for planting are provided with instructions for this unique planter/composter.

      Seed packets provide information about the size each plant is expected to reach, and you can design your plantings for a variety of looks. For example, if you don't like vines or trailing runners, avoid planting crops with those characteristics. However, this is a growing medium and your plants will soon cover the terra cotta planter, not unlike the pictures displayed above on this page.
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  • From Miki at 1/13/14 3:08 PM
    • Are the instructions sent with the planter good enough for someone who has never really gardened before? Also, we live in the city and have tried a little (very little) gardening here, and have trouble with the squirrels. Are animals attracted to the plants in this planter?
    • The instructions are clear and simple. This is quite a unique planter because of the composting core, and this is a big help in getting a productive garden started.
      As a beginner gardener you can expect to have a bit of a learning curve to determine what grows best in your locale, and not every garden crop is successful. However, you'll soon have it mastered and this planter should work well for you.
      Don't worry about the squirrels, they may be curious but not likely to be attracted to your leafy crops.
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2 Item(s)

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