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Holy Moley Organic Mole Repellent - 10 lbs

Item #: 70060-7

Our price: $19.95

Drive moles from your yard using two new scientific methods of activity. A special time release encapsulated aroma and an unusual go-get'um taste that makes moles go wild after the first physical encounter. read more

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Our Price: $19.95


Holy Moley has twice the active ingredients of other mole controls.

All natural: made from Castor Oil and Fuller's Earth.

Guaranteed to reduce or eliminate mole activity in treated areas.

Contains no poisons. Safe for pets and children. Safe for the environment.

Use with a drop spreader to cover as much area around mole activity and mole tunnels. Keep on using until you drive the moles from your yard into your neighbor's turf.

Recommended by garden columnist Ed Hume, Master Gardeners and golf courses.

Treatment Coverage:
10 lb. bag treats 5,000 sq. ft.


Provides a non-toxic, safe way to control moles.

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Additional Information

Size 10 lbs
Coverage 5000 square feet
Key Feature Safe, non-toxic mole repellent for lawn and garden beds
Origin Made in the U.S.A.

Shipping Information

Shipping Details:
Insured against damage or loss while in transit
This Product Ships To:
US Lower 48
Ships Via:
Fedex or UPS

Questions about the Holy Moley Organic Mole Repellent - 10 lbs

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  • From Sandy at 8/27/10 4:48 AM
    • How is Holy Moley distributed on the ground?
    • You can apply Holy Moley Organic Mole Repellent using a broadcast spreader to the entire lawn, or broadcast by hand in problem spots. Holy Moley can also be applied to the top of soil in flower and mulch beds and vegetable gardens. Use a pitchfork or rod to poke holes in and around mole tunnels to allow Holy Moley to penetrate soil. Then use water sprinkler for 15 minutes to soak the treated area , or apply Holy Moley prior to rain.
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  • From Marilyn at 3/17/11 11:15 AM
    • How soon, before or after, can this be applied in connection to a fertilizer treatment?
    • Holy Moley Organic Mole Repellent can be used regardless of the timing of fertilizers, as long as there are no watering restrictions associated with the fertilizer program. The mole repellent needs to be wetted for activation. We recommend using organic fertilizer treatments.
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  • From Joe at 3/27/11 1:33 PM
    • Will it work with Voles also.We have both and our front lawn looks like a war zone.
    • Yes, Holy Moley Organic Mole Repellent is also effective against voles.
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  • From Roberta at 2/15/12 4:32 PM
    • How does this product keep moles away?
    • Holy Moley Mole Repellent repels moles by two modes of action, scent and taste. Castor Oil is combined with Fuller’s Earth to coat the moles food source, causing stomach disruption. This changes the moles feeding behavior as it associates the stomach disruptions with food in the treated areas. It can take up to 3 weeks for Holey Moley to reach maximum effectiveness.

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  • From Catherine at 2/22/12 1:06 PM
    • Is Holy Moley safe when chickens feed in the area?

    • The manufacturer says it's safe:

      "Holy Moley Mole Repellent Repels Moles by two modes of action, scent and taste.
      All Natural made from Castor Oil and Fuller's Earth .
      Harmless to pets or humans.
      Safe for use in gardens and around crops."

      Because it's a repellent, the chickens will likely avoid it.

      As a chicken owner, however, I'm overly careful with what they ingest. So I'd try to keep the chickens separate from the Holy Moley, and if that's not possible, put a few sprinkles down and see if it repels the chickens or if they gobble it up.
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  • From Marilyn at 8/8/12 8:21 PM
    • Do you have anything to get rid of gofers? I have both moles and gofers!
    • Our Sonic Molechaser is effective against many kinds of rodents, including gophers. It uses a sonic pulse that is irritating to rodents, but cannot be heard by people or pets. The product can be found here:
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  • From Dave at 5/27/13 9:21 PM
    • So what about chipmunks. we border a forested area. I would rather push them back to the uninhabited space away from the home. Will this work with them?
    • Yes. Holey Moley Oganic Mole Repellent repels moles, voles, armadillos, gophers, skunks, chipmunks, ground squirrels, and other burrowing animals.
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7 Item(s)

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