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• Benefits of Car Sharing

• How it Works
• Where to Find

'If you live in a city,
you don't need to own a car.'

William Clay Ford Jr., Chaiman,
Ford Motor Company
Looking for a cheaper way to drive around town? Do you have a small car and occasionally need a larger one? Do you live in a city and don't drive enough to justify the expense of owning, licensing,
insuring and parking a car?

Car sharing is an energy-saving idea whose time has come! North Americans are starting to see the benefits of "no car ownership hassles" which many Europeans have already known. Car share programs are in place in many European cities, serving more than 150,000 members. These programs are now springing up across North America.
Convenient - a car when you need one; some programs have various models to suit your changing needs. Some motorists also use carshare as a 'second car'.
Practical - reduces number of cars in the city. Reduces car usage of individuals by as much as 50%.
Environmental - improves air quality. Each car share vehicle replaces 4 to 8 privately held cars.
Low cost - pay only for the hours you drive; a fraction of the cost of owning a car; is cheaper than owning a car if you need a car for fewer than 7500 miles(12,000 km)/year.
Carefree - no maintenance; no servicing; no parking hassles; no cleaning

How does Car Sharing compare to car rental? Car rentals cost between $40 and $50 a day, plus more charges for mileage and insurance. Car sharing is less expensive because you can rent by the hour, you have reserved parking locations, there are no line-ups or papers to fill out and no pick-up or drop-off constraints. Availability of vehicles, however, is not guaranteed to match your time requirements.

Car-sharing services can get pricey for people who drive long distances or take the car on an overnight trip. But for people who just need to go to the grocery store, a doctor's appointment or visit a friend out of town, car sharing can be cheaper than renting a car.

How it Works
Reserve by phone or online; 1 hour minimum up to 2 months in advance (Some services require as little as one minute’s advance notice, and members can reserve vehicles as far as one year in advance. Consult individual websites for details.)
Unlock the car with your personal card or key
Drive away
Return to a specified carshare location before your reservation time expires
Leave car as clean as you found it

The carshare company owns and insures all its cars, which are parked at convenient locations around town. You can pick up a car, with some carshare programs, drop it off at any carshare location when you're finished.
(Other carshare programs do not allow members to take one-way trips with the vehicles, because the next member who has reserved that vehicle is expecting it to be returned to its starting location.) You pay only for the hours you've had the car. Gas, oil and car maintenance are paid by the company; members are issued a company credit card for these costs. If the car is already booked, members either have to take an alternate car, or wait until the car they usually drive is available.

The only rule is to get the car back on time.
Carshares charge a late fee, usually around $20, and drivers who are consistently late lose their membership.

Cost: Annual memberships range from $25 to $100 a year. Some carshare programs require a security deposit in the $200-$500 range. Other programs have no security deposit requirement; consult individual websites for details. Usage fees range from less than $2 an hour to $9 an hour.

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Where to Find
United States:
ZipCar - currently serving Boston, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland OR, Los Angeles, Washington DC.(metro), San Diego, Atlanta, Ann Arbor MI, Arlington, Fairfax County and Alexandria VA, Baltimore and Greenbelt MD, Chicago, Chapel Hill NC, Gainsville FL, Hoboken NJ, Minn./St. Paul, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Princeton NJ, with plans to expand to over 30 cities across the U.S.
City CarShare - serving San Francisco and the greater Bay area with a fleet of over 200 cars. Cars have automatic transmissions. As a City CarShare member, you get driving privileges in other cities, such as Philadelphia, Austin, Madison, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Syndey (AU) and Melbourne (AU).
Mint - operates a large fleet of fuel-efficient vehicles in many loactions throughtout greater Manhattan, and one location in Brooklyn Heights.

eGo CarShare - Boulder city-wide carshare program. eGo CarShare (formerly Boulder Car Share) now stations vehicles throughout the Denver - Boulder area.
I-Go - serving the greater Chicago area.

Hourcar - serving Minneapolis and St. Paul MN with a fleet of Toyota Prius hybrids and Toyota Yaris cars.
Philly Car Share - serving the greater Philadelphia region with Priuses, Minis, BMWs, Elements, pickups, and more.
Austin Car Share - serving the downtown Austin, Hyde Park and Univ. of Texas areas with Scion xA's and Toyota Tacomas.
Buffalo Car Share - serving the greater Buffalo area.

Community Car - serving Madison WI with high gas mileage and hybrid vehicles.

U Car Share - currently in Portland, OR. Portland, ME, Berkeley, CA. and Madison, WI.
Car Share Vermont - serving the greater Burlington area and University of Vermont campus.
Ithaca Car Share - 13 vehicles serving downtown Ithaca, two college campuses, and at EcoVillage.
We Car - over 30 locations, usually on or near school campuses. CA: Biola Univ in La Miranda, St. Mary's College in SF. FL: Univ. South Florida in Tampa. HI: State of Hawaii. LA: Loyola Univ, Tulane Univ. MN: Carleton College. MS: Univ of Missouri-Columbia, Washington Univ, St.Louis Downtown. NJ: Rowan Univ, Princeton Univ. NC: State of North Carolina. OR: OSU at Corvallis, Univ of Oregon at Eugene. OK: Univ of Oklahoma. PA: Lehigh Univ at Bethlehem. TN: Lipscomb Univ, Downtown Nashville.

CommunAuto - serving Montreal, Sherbrooke, Gatineau and Quebec.
Victoria Car Share Co-op - offering Victoria, BC residents an alternative to personal car ownership.
Co-operative Auto Network - Vancouver based nonprofit car sharing organization with 233 vehicles serving the greater Vancouver area, and also Whistler BC.
ZipCar - currently serving Toronto ON and Vancouver BC.
VRTUCAR - is a car-share service that offers members 24 hour access to a fleet of cars stationed conveniently around Ottawa.
AutoShare Car Sharing Network - gives members 24-hour access to a fleet of cars stationed at over 100 locations around Toronto.
The People's Car Co-operative - provides car sharing in the Waterloo, Ontario region.

CarShare HFX - serving the Halifax peninsula and downtown Dartmouth, NovaScotia. Drivers are also offered free parking in dedicated lots on the Halifax waterfront.
Grand River/Hamilton Car Share - Grand River Car Share operates a fleet of 12 vehicles located throughout Kitchener-Waterloo and Cambridge. Hamilton Car Share provides self-serve access to a fleet of 3 vehicles (and growing) located in West Hamilton.
Nelson Car Share Cooperative - serving Nelson, Kaslo, Fernie, Revelstoke, Kimberley and Golden BC.

Australia and New Zealand:
Cityhop - New Zealand's first car sharing company, operating in Aukland, Wellington, Christchurch Airport and New Plymouth.
GoGet Australia - Australia's first national car sharing network, operates in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane.
Newtown CarShare - now servicing the Sydney inner city area.
CharterDrive - now serving the Sydney city area, and several locations in Melbourne. THe network of locations is constantly expanding.
Flexicar - now serving Melbourne, Sydney, Brunswick, St. Kilda, Fitzroy, Carlton, Manly and Surry Hills.

Europe and the UK:
European Car Sharing - umbrella organization for five car sharing companies in Europe. ECS currently has 40 participants, who operate shared cars for about 56,000 members in over 550 towns. At present ECS is represented in Denmark, Germany, Italy, Norway, and Switzerland.
Mobility CarSharing Switzerland - offering a fleet of cars available nationwide for customers to use as needed.
CARvenience - "hire by the hour" program run by car rental company Avis. Sutton and Southwark are the first two London boroughs to officially launch the scheme on September 22, European Car Free Day.
HOURCARS Salisbury - car pooling system in and around Salisbury.

CamShare - Web-based multi-employer car sharing facility operating in the East of England. It is run by Travel for Work (, a not-for-profit partnership group of organisations seeking to help employers resolve transport issues by encouraging staff to
travel in ways other than driving alone.

Copenhagen Car Sharing - Copenhagen car sharing, a non-profit organisation.

For more comprehensive information about car clubs in the UK, visit Carplus.

'Ride-shares' in Europe and the UK:
London CarShare - not a "car share' in the sense of the other listings on this page, this is a 'virtual noticeboard' which matches drivers with riders. London Borough or Home Counties location. Ltd - London based, similar to the above ride-sharing service.
Liftshare - aims to make sharing cars a viable transport alternative in the UK. Also offers maps, public transport info, and traffic news. - not-for-profit trust dedicated to arranging car journey sharing in the UK.
K&S Car Share - puts users in contact with potential sharers in their area.
National Car Share - again links member drivers and passengers. They also offer an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) car sharing information line.
Suffolk Car Share - a 'ride-share' service, similar to the above listings. This is a free service to all people in Suffolk who wish to offer or request a lift to or from anywhere in Suffolk and vicinity. - a new online car sharing application that allows you to search for sharers using cutting edge technology, maps and personal profiling. - Rideshare with other travellers in Australia. is a free way to connect with riders in AU.