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The Internet Consumer Recycling Guide A starting point for consumers searching the net for recycling information.

Green Homebuilding A thorough exploration of the principles of sustainable architecture and natural building, along with pages on vernacular architecture, code and financial considerations, and an opportunity to "Ask the Experts." Annotated resource listings include books, videos and links.

Forecast Earth Climate change, global warming and green living information from The Weather Channel.

Environmental Illness Resource - Information, news and research updates, articles, forums, and other resources for sufferers of environmental illnesses such as multiple chemical sensitivity, chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia. Created by a long term survivor of CFS and MCS.

Sustainable Business News, information, business opportunities and job postings in the area of sustainable business. A valuable reference for green businesses, and those moving in the direction of sustainability.

Green Teacher A magazine by and for educators to enhance environmental and global education across the curriculum at all grade levels.Over fifty pages of ideas and activities, four times a year. - Brings awareness, information and education to the world population as to the disastrous human health and environmental health consequences as a result of global chemical pollution.

Eco-Action Teams - suggests action-oriented activities to reduce your energy and water use, waste production, and greenhouse gas emissions. Through active participation and online results tracking as an individual or team, participants can easily and significantly reduce their environmental impact. Website and cable channel featuring current news about the state of our environment, feature articles and expeditions which gather information for the public, students and teachers. - Learning from and teaching our fellow stewards of the earth green, affordable, self-sufficient living practices to provide a sustainable environment for the future of our world.

Phoenix Voyage Dedicated to educating people on how to preserve and look after our beautiful world. Through education and positive steps, we can join together and heal the gaping wounds that have been inflicted on our world.

The Green Children Foundation - "We're proud to be working with 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Professor Muhammad Yunus, using music and microfinance to make the world a better place!

The Ecologist A monthly magazine that challenges the environmental, social, political and economic model upon which our world is structured.

Healthy Parenting A resource site about attachment & alternative parenting, positive discipline,
natural living, organic whole food eating and holistic health.

Good News India An interesting and inspiring site, dedicated to publishing little known stories of positive action, quiet endeavours, and resulting successes. Celebrating idealism and affirmative action, this site offers a refreshing alternative to the negative course of mainstream media.

Global Response If you think your lone voice makes little difference in environmental issues, visit this site. GR gives background information about environmental threats, and information to help you write personal letters to specific officials who have the power to make positive change.

Building Green An up-to-date collection of land-use, building design and construction strategies which help reduce the environmental impacts associated with buildings and their construction. An eco-friendly transport marketplace helping to reduce CO2 emissions by matching people moving goods with empty or half-filled vehicles already making similar journeys.

CMHC This is the Government of Canada's national housing agency. This site has useful reports which helps homeowners improve the efficiency and safety of their homes. Check out their "Home 2000", a showcase of some of the most innovative yet practical ideas in housing today.

EnviroZine Environment Canada's eZine, featuring news, activities and examples of communities and individuals taking steps to improve our environment.

Western Canada Wilderness Committee Works for the preservation of wilderness areas, and focus public attention on logging practices, biodiversity, and conservation of natural resources.

Simple Living Network A small home-based business that provides resources and free community services that may help you live a more simple lifestyle.