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GrowCamp 4' x 4' x 16" - Modular Vegetable Growing System

Item #: FC5020

Our price: $429.95


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GrowCamp is a modular growing system. It is a raised bed which can be easily expanded, and it has a covering system which gives gardeners the benefit of a mini-greenhouse. You can propagate seeds, grow starters for transplanting, and plant directly into the GrowCamp 16" deep bed. read more

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Our Price: $429.95


More and more people are growing their own vegetables these days for health reasons, to save some money, or just for the pure enjoyment of it. However, growing good vegetables can be difficult, and that’s where the GrowCamp comes in.

Composed of a 4 foot by 4 foot raised garden bed and a greenhouse with netting and waterproof plastic, the GrowCamp eliminates many of the problems gardeners encounter.

The GrowCamp is modular, so you can add on extra lengths to create a big vegetable garden that can sustain your family, or have one module designated just for your kids to grow in.

Please note: extensions are currently out of stock.

Features & Benefits

Raised Bed

  • Modular – add extra sections (each extra module is 3 sides instead of 4).
  • Produces up to four times higher yield due to the excellent conditions of soil, temperature and light.
  • Comfortable working height – sit in a chair and garden.
  • Easy to assemble - can be placed almost anywhere.
  • 16” deep soil accommodates every vegetable’s roots.

The GrowCamp base is designed to be filled up with dirt and planted in. The first picture shows the GrowCamp with 3 potting trays on the bottom (which is usually filled with dirt), and one tray on top. The trays are optional because you can plant seeds directly into the dirt if you wish.

The GrowCamp is first and foremost a raised bed. Raised beds produce up to four times higher yield due to their excellent conditions of soil, temperature and light. The bed has a comfortable working height so you won’t hurt your back. It is easy to assemble and can be placed almost anywhere, just be aware that if you really over-water, some dirty water might come out from the base. It can be heavy when filled with dirt so only place it on surfaces that can sustain the weight. There is no bottom so the soil stays adequately drained.

Insect Net

  • Comes with fine net for the top and sides.
  • Keeps out slugs and snails, insects such as aphids, carrot rust fly, cabbage moth and other pests. Keeps birds from getting your strawberries!
  • Protects against heavy rain and strong wind - ensuring great vegetables.
  • The net provides light shading and good ventilation. About 90% of rain penetrates the netting, but hail will be blocked from harming your vegetables and flowers.

The GrowCamp is supplied with an insect net. The net is attached by velcro and rolls up easily providing free access when sowing and harvesting. The net prevents snails, insects, birds and other nuisances, such as deer and cats from getting in.


  • Comes with plastic for the ends, sides, and top.
  • With plastic sides the Grow Camp functions as a greenhouse.
  • Longer growing season - harvest several times.
  • Grow chili, tomato, cucumber and other greenhouse plants.

Plastic sides can be mounted over the insect net and the bed can be used as a greenhouse. Because of the greenhouse effect, spring starts a few months earlier with GrowCamp and you can enjoy a bowl of early-season, home-grown salad. Due to the flexibility of the plastic sides, they can be rolled up when it’s hot out, or rolled down when it’s cold. Depending on your zone, you should be able to extend your growing season significantly.

Planting/Potting Trays

  • Great for starting seedlings in.
  • Start seedlings here, while other crops are growing below.
  • The video shows metal trays, however the versions distributed in the USA are rigid plastic.

The OPTIONAL planting trays can be mounted across the bed at the height of the soil, or mounted across the bed on the horizontal supporting poles at chest-height. Time your plantings so that when one harvest is ready to pick, the seedlings are already big and ready to transplant in the raised bed soil.


The basic GrowCamp measures 4’ wide (120 cm) by 4’ long (120 cm). The raised bed is 16” (40 cm) tall. The upper frame/greenhouse adds another 39.3” tall (100cm). The total height (bed and greenhouse) is 65” tall (162 cm).


UV protected plastic. Weather resistant. The greenhouse is designed for harsh outdoor conditions and is able to withstand even very strong wind. This is due in part to the criss-crossed steel wires which help provide stability. Engineered in Denmark, and made in China.


The GrowCamp is delivered in boxes with easy assembly instructions. All you need is a Phillips screwdriver and pliers. Assembled in 1-2 hrs.

To download the assembly instructions, please click here (PDF file, 5.6 MB).


10 Year Manufacturer's Warranty


This product helps you get started gardening with ease. Create your very own backyard food factory in no time! Growing your own food is a great way to get in touch with nature and provide for yourself.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be completely satisfied with every purchase you make. If you are in any way dissatisfied with a product you ordered, we'll exchange it, replace it or refund your money within 30 days of purchase. Simply email us the problem, and we'll take care of you. Certain products have extended warranties (up to 50 years!) that are listed on the particular product page. Please call us at 1-888-451-6752 if you need further clarification.

Additional Information

Weight 55 pounds shipping weight
Material Resin
Frame Material Plastic
Dimensions 4' x 4' x 16", 5 feet tall with greenhouse
Assembly TIme 60 Minutes
Planting Depth 16"
Key Feature 2 in 1 system: raised bed and greenhouse. Modular: add more units to increase the size!
Manufacturer STC
Brand GrowCamp
Origin Made in China
Shipping Dimensions 45" x 26" x 7" x 55lbs

Shipping Information

Shipping Dimensions:
45" x 26" x 7" x 55lbs
Shipping Details:
Insured against damage or loss while in transit
This Product Ships To:
US Lower 48
Ships Via:
Fedex or UPS

Questions about the GrowCamp 4' x 4' x 16" - Modular Vegetable Growing System

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  • From Becky at 9/28/10 4:07 PM
    • Let me get this straight, you may either use the trays OR fill it all the way up with dirt?
    • The base can be filled up with dirt, right to the top of the walls.

      The trays can be filled with potting soil, and can either sit up top on the racks, or they can sit down low as the picture shows.

      Most people would put the racks up top, start their seeds in them (in the GrowCamp if it's warm enough at night, or take the trays indoors where it is warmer), then transplant those seeds into the dirt below.

      If it's warm enough, you can plant right in the soil that's in the base. Then, as those plants mature, start another batch of seedlings in the trays. As soon as you eat the first round of veggies, transplant the seedlings into the base. This way you're getting a head start on growing.
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  • From jennifer munguia at 1/17/11 11:20 AM
    • what types of vegetables can be planted? I would like to grow pretty much every type of vegetable. Like asparagus, broccoli, cucumbers, and much much more. Is there more info on what to plant and how to start, cause I've never planted anything before.
    • Hi Jennifer,

      You can grow any vegetable crop you like in the Grow Camp system. The container is deep enough for root crops such as potatoes and carrots, and of course any of the more shallow rooted crops will grow as well. But there are a couple considerations to keep in mind:

      - If you are unfamiliar with vegetable gardening, read my three-part article on Backyard Vegetable Gardening. It covers all the basics you will need to get growing.

      - I would avoid planting perennials like asparagrus. Perennials grow every year without the need for replanting, which is great, but they produce vegetables for a limited time. Asparagrus, for example, will produce for about 8 - 10 weeks on average. The rest of the year you will be unable to use this ground to plant other crops. For asparagrus, I recommend setting aside a dedicated plot on the north side of your garden.

      - Broccoli is a perfect crop for the Grow Camp system. Just remember to space them enough (we use 24" between plants) because they get big.

      - Look in Google Images to see how big your selected crop will be at maturity. Some crops require a lot of space to spread. Squash plants, watermelon, canteloupe, pumpkin and such will need a lot of space for their runners to spread. These crops lend themselves to contained growing systems.

      - I do not recommend growing corn in this system because of the space corn takes up for the limited yield, and the height may be an issue. Also, buy low varieties of crops, such as bush beans instead of pole beans.

      Here is a link to one of my pages on vegetable gardening which lists recommended vegetables to grow:

      You can email me at if you have more questions.

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  • From Sherri at 2/11/11 6:05 AM
    • Hi! I see pictures of the greenhouse/raised bed outside with snow on top. How sturdy is it to withstand any amount of snow resting on it? Thanks! Sherri
    • Hi Sherri,
      The GrowCamp - Modular Vegetable Growing System was designed in Denmark. and while it is a great gardening system in any climate, it is particularly well-designed for northern winters.
      Grow Camp will withstand heavy snow loads, icing, hail and prolonged freezing. The peaked roof distributes the snow load evenly and promotes runoff when the melt begins.
      The raised planting bed also keeps the soil warmer, which lets you start planting earlier in the spring and lets you continue growing later in the fall.
      In our opinion, Grow Camp is an efficient growing system, and it also looks beautiful.
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  • From Rebecca at 2/21/11 11:17 AM
    • To get the discounted price on the second growcamp unit do you have to order it at the time of the first purchase or do you get the discounted price when you decide to order it later.
    • The second Grow Camp unit is an "extension kit" which is three-sided, and designed to connect to the existing unit. This is why the price is less than double the 4 x 4 price. So this is not actually a discounted price.

      If you would like to buy the extension kit at another time, please call us Toll-Free: 1-888-451-6752, and we will put this through for you at the lower price. This price is currently $289. (This price is subject to increase if the manufacturer raises the price.)

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  • From Christine at 3/6/11 8:21 AM
    • We are thinking about purchasing one of these growcamps for our backyard. My daughter wants to grow the following and was wondering if we can do these plants in the growcamp? Pumpkin (one plant), strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.
    • The Grow Camp is a lovely growing system but I don't think it is ideal for the crops you have in mind, for the following reasons:
      Pumpkins - this is a crawling plant with very large leaves, and it grows along the ground taking up a lot of space. You could plant the pumpkin plant in the Grow Camp, but you will need to let the trailing vine wander along the ground. It need a lot of space.
      Strawberries - you could grow a crop of June-bearing strawberries in the Grow Camp, but if you want to grow the ever-bearing varieties, bear in mind these are perennials and will want to occupy the growing containers more or less permanently.
      Blueberries - you could grow 'low-bush' blueberries but again, these are perennials and they woluld want to be more or less permanently in the bed.
      Raspberries - these grow rather tall and are also perennials. Raspberries grow best when given a lot of room to grow upwards. they can be quite bushy. They also need to be well-caged against birds.
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  • From Cathy at 3/19/11 1:59 PM
    • How much wind can it stand? The wind blows frequently here and occasionally has gusts up to 70 mph
    • Once the GrowCamp is full with soil it will be impervious to moving or shifting in the wind.
      It is a good ides, where possible, to protect plants from strong winds. If you have a feature, such as a low hedge or fence nearby. then you may be able to position your GrowCamp to be in the lee of it for wind protection.
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  • From Christine at 4/26/11 1:24 PM
    • Ok...I ordered a 4x8 growcamp and we want to set it up. First, how much topsoil do I need to fill it? Also, can we set it up without filling it right away until it is dry enough to get topsoil? It has been kind of wet this spring and they need to dirt to dry out some to load it for delivery. My concern is that I don't want it to get knocked over by winds. thanks.
    • The 4' x 8' GrowCamp - Modular Vegetable Growing System will hold approximately 50 cubic feet of soil.
      If you wish to assemble ths GrowCamp before having the soil, you may want to put a couple sacks of soil, or anything heavy, against the inside of the wall which faces the wind. If you have strong winds, you may want to either add a couple more sacks to hold the unit in place, or assemble the unit in the garage or a sheltered area, and move it to the final location when your soil arrives.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes  No
  • From Ron at 8/13/11 12:50 PM
    • Do the screen panels have velcro along the sides or do they just fold up and down without any fastening system? We have a problem with chipmunks getting into our raised garden bed with netting.
    • The screen panels and the clear plastic panels of the GrowCamp Modular Vegetable Growing System are attached by Velcro at the sides and bottom.
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  • From Dimple at 10/1/12 7:32 AM
    • I'm interested in growing heirloom vegetables in organic soil. The grow camp mini seems perfect for my needs. I live in Florida where the sun, bugs, rodents are fierce year round. Will the resin and plastic from the structure seep into the soil at all or effect the nutritional value of the plants? Do I need to look at other options, perhaps a cedar structure?
    • The high-density plastic will not impart resins or leach any chemical residue into your organic garden. The nutritional value of your vegetables will not be compromised. Either the GrowCamp or a cedar raised bed will suffice for your vegetable crop, the choice is more a matter of personal preference.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes  No
  • From Joyce at 10/5/12 7:30 AM
    • We live north of Toronto in a very heavy snow area (3ft of snow). Can we remove the netting and plastic panels for the winter? Thanks! Joyce
    • Yes, you can remove the netting and plastic panels and store them for the winter.
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Customer Reviews

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Unbeleivable results

By RJM on 3/17/13

Bought one Grow Camp with extension last year and was able to start many cool weather crops on April 1 in Lexington MA. By mid summer the potatoes and 2 tomatoe plants were bursting out of the confines of the Grow Camp such that I could not close the camp up at night- which worked out fine. Eggplant, cucumber and basil grew like cazy as well. Each of the tomato plants produce more then 60 med.-XL tomotoes each! It likely helped that I used about 40% compost and a handful of 10-10 -10 in each wheelbarrel full of dirt.
The Grow Camp survived a 25 inch blizzard this winter unscathed.
Putting up another 4'-8' Grow Camp this week end and looking forward to the growingseason!

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exactly what I wanted as a first time gardener

By victoria on 3/19/12

All my reviews  (1)

this is perfect for me who is new to gardening. If you follow the pictures only directions very carefully, this can be done by one person in about 21/2-3 hours. I was glad they gave extra plugs because I got confused with putting the cables around the poles. I had to go back to redo this step. It is a very sturdy, well built modular system. I bought the extension unit and have 4.x 8. I asked a local landscaping man to haul some various composts, vermiculite and some good topsoil (Mel's Mix of SFG) and mixed it up. This took about 32 cu feet of dirt with about 6 inches of sand in the bottom for drainage. I cannot say enough positive things about how pleased I am with my modular system. I have had it up, seeded, and new plantings for 6 days and it is fun to watch the new growth. It is a good hobby for me to do the rest of my life. I like the fact that I can start this in late Feb. because the sun heats the modular units inside through the plastic windows and the plants love it. I may get another unit if I find I want a larger produce but this may be all that I need although a flower garden would be nice too. Right now I have tomatoes, herbs, cucumbers, lettuce, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower. Just so much fun!

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Definitely yes

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Best friend a gardener could have!

By Jodi on 2/4/11

With a bit of hinting I managed to get my Christmas wish! This greenhouse / raised garden bed is 4' x 4' and holds 23 cubic feet of soil, so you need to put a bunch of soil mixed with compost to get it up to the level you want to plant at.

With a friend to help, this should take only 2 or so hours to assemble. I would recommend using a rubber mallet to tap the plugs into place. The plastic tent end coverings are the most challenging part of the assembly, but we figured it out after a bit of experimenting.

We noticed that there were planting trays available online, but they seem to only have them in Europe. I spoke with a very helpful customer service representative at Eartheasy, and they noted that while the planting trays mean you don't need to use as much soil, they do limit the depth of your vegetable's roots, so if we were to plant carrots / potatoes the planting trays might limit us.

So although there it takes a fair bit of soil to get started we are pretty happy with the growcamp so far. I think next spring we will buy an extension module or two and turn the 4x4 into a 4x8 or 4x12!

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Definitely yes

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Excellent for those with back problems

By Anthony on 1/26/11

This garden bed / greenhouse is a perfect backyard / patio gardening unit. It's high enough to make it quite easy to garden especially if you have back problems. The green house component makes growing my bell peppers a breeze, and tomatoes have never been happier!

This thing is also really sturdy - even held up over the winter with half a foot of snow on it!

I will probably get another one this spring.

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Definitely yes

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  • The GrowCamp holds up well under heavy snow
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