Naturally Powered Toys  
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  Here are some suggestions for toys which are fun to play with while helping the child learn about natural elements and their properties.    
Windpower Renewable Energy Science Kit

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This amazing science kit teaches children how natural power can be harnessed and applied. It's an interesting project for children of all ages and a great parent-child activity.

The 32-page booklet gives clear, illustrated instructions which guide you to building an actual, functioning wind turbine! You can use the turbine to generate mechanical power to lift a heavy weight or generate electricity to light up an LED and charge a rechargeable battery.
Windpower Renewable Energy Science Kit First, assemble a wind turbine complete with electric generator, adjustable rotors, and wind speed indicator. Then, conduct more than 20 experiments with your wind turbine, including experiments with different numbers of rotor blades, different blade angles and profiles, different wind speeds, different gear ratios, and so on.

Wind power is a clean, renewable source of energy and has become a major future energy source for the country. Activities like this kit, which couples fun with learning, help plant the seeds of innovation in creative young minds.

The Windpower Renewable Energy Science Kit is now available at Eartheasy's online store. Click here for details.
Whitewings Gliders
The best paper and balsa gliders on the market. Fun to build, exciting to fly and a good introduction to the principles of flight. Powered by a rubber band "launcher", these little gliders are big on performance.
There are Whitewings clubs in several countries, where members show their models, share information and, of course, compete. Flight times of over 10 minutes have been recorded!
A great parent/child project, Whitewing gliders are available in single model kits, 3 model kits, 6, 8, and 15 model kits. There's even a Competition kit.

Caution: Launch your glider in a large field, because they really fly!

Sources: Your local craft store,
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Rudy's Toys

Wooden Push Toys
Child's play is active learning. Before we overwhelm our little ones with the latest and greatest plastic and silicon wonders, let them get their hands on natural material, and learn to appreciate the look, feel, simplicity and reliability of basic wooden toys.

Look for toys made from local hardwoods, with non-toxic natural finishes.
  Sources:  Wooden push toys, patterns and kits for making your own.
Sanders Handcrafted Toys
Kites are a fun, safe, low impact outdoor activity. There's also learning which accompanies the fun -- construction, aerodynamics and the behavior of wind. Kite flying can be enjoyed alone, with friends or as a parent/child activity. Age and gender are irrelevant, and the low cost makes the sport accessible to all.
Kites vary considerably in design and construction, from very simple to very complex. There are some basic requirements, however, which you should look for in any model of kite:

• Long line - estimate twice what you think you'll need.

• Strong line - the forces build as the kite climbs. Don't scrimp on the line.

• Size - small kites are easier to transport and launch. They're also easier to make and less expensive to buy. If the kite breaks free or gets hung up, the loss is less painful.

• Design - simple designs are easier to repair.

• Bright colors - a climbing kite gets small in a hurry - you want to be able to see it!

• Reel - a larger reel pays out and rewinds the line faster and easier. Get a good reel - you'll still have it even if the kite breaks free or gets hung up

  Sources: Kites online
Breeze Chasers
Gomberg Kites

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