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How to Simplify Meal Preparation
Planning meals in advance, learning a few cooking shortcuts, and understanding the basics of food safety will enable you to eat better with less effort spent in meal preparation.These skills will last a lifetime and result in healthier meals at lower cost.

Eating Better, for Less

A diet rich in organic foods is healthy, and good for the environment, but the selection at supermarkets can be expensive and limited. Here are strategies for finding local sources of organic foods at the lowest prices.

Vegetarian Meals for Meatlovers

Vegetarian meals are healthier for people and the planet, but it can be hard for meat-lovers to try vegetarian fare. These recipes are chosen for those used to hearty, heavier meals.

Sustainable Seafood
Some seafood choices are easier on the environment, and help protect endangered species. You can help support sustainable fisheries by the choices you make when buying seafood

Pesticides and Produce
Pesticide and fungicide residues on some produce can be a health hazard, especially to children and pregnant women. Here is a list of which fruits and vegetables have high residue levels, and how you can make them safer to eat.

Shade Grown Coffee
Enjoy a richer cup of coffee grown in the traditional manner - shade grown. You'll also be protecting migratory bird populations and rainforest habitat, while encouraging organic farming.

Low-Meat Alternatives
Too much meat, especially beef, is hard on our health and on the environment. Methane is one of the biggest sources of greenhouse gas, and livestock production accounts for as much as half of all the water consumed in the U.S. Here are ways to cut back on meat.

One-Pot Cooking
Save time and energy in the kitchen, and give your utility bill a break. You can reduce kitchen energy usage while exploring new tastes in healthy cuisine.

Simplest Homemade Beer
Spare the environment the cost of manufacturing and recycling hundreds of cans and bottles. Treat yourself to your own homemade beer at a fraction of the cost of commercial brands.

Kitchen Energy Savers
The kitchen uses more energy than any room in the house. Here are simple ways to use your appliances more efficiently, which will lower your monthly energy bill and help the environment.

dehydrate fruits and vegetables
How to Dehydrate Fruits and Vegetables
Extend your fall harvest and reduce food waste by these simple methods.

Our Top 6
Chicken-Raising Mistakes

Raising chickens at home is pretty simple, but we managed to get it wrong at times.

Food Storage Tips
Buying food in bulk will save money and reduce waste, if you can store it successfully.
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Canning Tips
Here are some tips from our experience you may not see in the canning manual.

Solar Ovens 
Perhaps the most energy efficient cooking method. Here are the top models.
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Compost Keeper
• designed for kitchen use
• filtered lid
• satin stainless steel
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Campfire Cooking
Simple cooking techniques can lead to the tastiest of meals.
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how to dehydrate fruits and vegetables