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Eartheasy Book Review:

Simplicity and Success

by Bruce Elkin


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Simplicity and Success: Creating the...

The quest for simplicity is as elusive as it is elemental.

Most people would value more simplicity in their lives, but seldom move beyond this simple notion. Even the term 'simplicity' can have different meanings to different people, and the idea of simple living evokes images of low-income or back-to-the-land lifestyles which may be unappealing, impractical or unattainable.

Bruce Elkin, in his new book Simplicity and Success, addresses the common misconceptions surrounding 'simplicity' and leads us to a deeper understanding of the concept, an understanding which empowers us to envision, create and live the life we dream.

Simplicity is not self-sacrifice, nor is it the absence of complexity from our daily lives. Complexity is an integral part of a simple life. Creativity is the force we can learn to employ to make the complicated simple.

"By developing the capacity to create, you can transcend circumstances. You can embrace the complexity of everyday life and move through its messiness to the simplicity on the other side of complexity."

Creating a life which integrates simplicity and success is a goal which requires strategy and effort to attain. Achieving simplicity is not simple; it requires vision and action. Simplicity and Success presents a series of well developed guidelines for crafting effective visions - an essential first step in assessing our current reality and mapping a course to our life goals.

"To create what you want, you must believe that what you want is important. However, you do not have to believe that it is possible."

Once a vision is crafted, one must carefully assess current reality and make sure that action steps align with and support what really matters to you. The author teaches us how to ground our visions in reality, and how the two forces of vision and reality interact to form the framework for creating almost anything.

The urge for simplicity comes from the frustration of living lives which seem more complex than we can handle, as if we are living at the mercy of external forces. We learn to live within a fog of complexity. Once we have developed a framework for integrating vision, reality and action, it becomes easier to order decisions and choices around what matters to us. The path to our goal is simplified and success is within reach.

In reading this book, I was impressed by the thoroughness the author brings to each chapter. The reader is carefully lead through each step with reason and example, and the use of actual client case histories helps keep the discussion grounded.

Simplicity and Success is both enlightening and empowering. It is nothing less than a step-by-step guide to realizing our greatest possibilities.


Bruce Elkin is a Personal, Professional and Executive Coach and President of Summit Strategies. He taught at Simon Fraser University, the University of Calgary and the Banff Centre. He studied and worked with Robert Fritz, author of The Path of Least Resistance. He offers Simplicity and Success workshops and retreats on Saltspring Island, BC and in cities around North America.

Simplicity and Success reviewed by:
Greg Seaman
Publisher, Eartheasy.com

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Canadian residents, click this link to purchase: Simplicity and Success: Creating the...
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