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Low Tox Antifreeze

...a safer alternative for pets, wildlife and the environment


The primary component of antifreeze is ethylene glycol, which is very toxic. But some companies now offer antifreeze made with propylene glycol, which is only about a third as toxic as ethylene glycol.

Antifreeze has a sweet aroma and taste, which dogs find particularly appealing. Thristy cats may also be attracted. As little as half a teaspoon of spilled antifreeze can kill an average-sized cat, and eight ounces can kill a 75-pound dog. Unless you catch it early, the damage to pets' kidneys can be irreversible. Spilled or leaked antifreeze also washes into rivers and lakes, harming fish and other wildlife.

New and safer formulations of antifreeze are now available to consumers. These formulas replace ethylene glycol with propylene glycol. Although not entirely safe, an animal would have to ingest three times as much propylene glycol before it proved fatal. Propylene glycol is also recyclable and biodegradable, making it a safer and heatlhier choice.

In terms of automotive performance, propylene glycol is almost identical to ethylene glycol. Your car will not notice the difference.

Propylene glycol is sold under the brand names Sierra, Prestone Low Tox and Texaco PG. There may be others as well. It's a little more expensive than regular coolant.

Antifreeze safety precautions:
Most cases of antifreeze poisoning in dogs and cats occur around the pet's own home.The following precautions should be taken to keep pets safe from accidental exposure:

• Clean up antifreeze spills immediately.
• Check the ground beneath your car's engine regularly for leaks. A green or blue liquid indicates antifreeze.
• Store antifreeze in clearly marked containers out of your children's and pet's reach.
• Never allow your pet to have access to the area when you are draining antifreeze from your car.
• If you suspect that your pet has ingested antifreeze, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Additional product information resources:
Prestone Low Tox MSDS
Prestone Low Tox specifications

Additional resources for antifreeze poisoning:
Aditional information is available online.
An emergency hotline--1-888-4-ANI-HELP-- provides round-the-clock telephone assistance.


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