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AntEater Organic Ant Powder - 3 oz

Item #: 50080-1

Our price: $6.95

Kills and prevents ants, and other common crawling insects in cupboards and pantries. Safe to use around the kitchen, and safe for your family and pets. read more

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Our Price: $6.95


Anteater kills ants and other common crawling insects in cupboards, pantries, or anywhere there is an infestation. Keeps working for months. There is no smell to the powder and it is completely safe to use in kitchens.

This unique squeeze bottle design makes as a handy dispenser to reach in small areas and corners. Squeeze powder into cracks, crevices, corners, under appliances, behind baseboards, under carpets, around plumbing, next to dry goods, canned goods, and other stored foods.

Features & Benefits:

  • AntEater controls all soft body crawling insects such as ants, ticks, fleas, cockroaches, earwigs, palmetto bugs, silverfish, spiders, and more
  • Kills insects by breaking down exoskeleton and dehydrating them
  • Effective at killing insects for 9 months
  • AntEater will not harm humans, pets or the environment
  • This is the only Ant Killer labeled for use in kitchens and around food
  • Made from food-grade Diatomaceous Earth
  • AntEater is OMRI certified organic
  • Available in 3 oz squeeze bottle


Provides a non-toxic, safe way to control ants.

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Additional Information

Size 3 oz.
Key Feature Safe non-toxic ant control made with food grade diatomaceous earth
Origin Made in the U.S.A.

Shipping Information

This Product Ships To:
US Lower 48 & Canada
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Questions about the AntEater Organic Ant Powder - 3 oz

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  • From Susannah at 4/14/14 11:46 AM
    • Hi, I am considering this product, however, one of my main problems is that I have ants in my rough-hewn exposed wooden ceiling beams. I'm concerned that, even if sprayed on, it will just fall off as soon as it dries. Will this product work for my ceiling? Or can you recommend something that will? I understand there is a product made from marigolds, but I also read that product is toxic to cats, and I have 3. I need something safe for dogs, cats, and people. Thank you.
    • If there are any ledges or tops of the beams accessible, you should consider diatomaceous earth. It is a fine powder which you set on top of any surface which bugs would cross. It is nontoxic, long lasting, and ideal for higher areas of your home where the vacuum won't reach to draw it up. Here is the link for DE:
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  • From Chem Sen at 8/5/13 11:09 AM
    • The answer provided to "From Linda at 8/19/10 8:46 PM" was incorrect as it related to St. Gabriel's AntEater. The answer indicated the product contains clove oil as a binder. Eartheasy's site describes the product as odor free. This puzzled me because clove oil has a distinct smell regardless of concentration. Via telephone, one of St. Gabriel's representatives insisted that the product contains NO clove oil. The product's MSDS sheet confirmed this. FYI - Clove oil can be a serious toxin to humans when present on a sustained basis.
    • Thank you for noting this. You are correct, the active ingredient for AntEater is diatomaceous earth. The product used to include clove oil as a binder but since the question you refer to was answered in 2010, the clove oil has been discontinued. Today, there is no clove oil used in the AntEater formula.
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  • From NIC at 10/5/12 4:51 AM
    • Can I use this around my Parrots, if so how on Birds or at Bottom of cage ?
    • Yes, this is safe to use around your parrots. However, I would recommend applying it to the bottom of the cage and if possible, removing the parrot from the room during appliaction, as the dust in the air can irritate their lungs.
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  • From BJ at 6/10/12 1:13 PM
    • Hello,
      I am a first time buyer of this product after hearing about it for many years. The video does not mention use of the product in a liquid form like I heard on other info sources. Liquid use sound so much more simple to apply in areas like garden, fruit trees and walls and crevices. Is this type of use correct? Please give or direct me to more comprehensive use of the substance.
      A tool was mention for application, is it shown here? Please direct. Thanks.
    • AntEater is made from diatomaceous earth, which can be mixed with water to create a liquid form. Many people will do this to make it easier to apply, but diatomaceous earth is not effective until it is dry. The AntEater is packaged in a bottle that makes it easy to apply to cracks and crevices. The tool you mentioned in your question is the dispenser tube, which can be found here: That tube is typically used with the 4 lb. bag of diatomaceous earth that we carry (found here:
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  • From Linda at 8/19/10 8:46 PM
    • Are there any other ingredients or inert ingredients in this product?
      Where can I find information on St. Gabriel's Organics, do they just repackage the most common brand of food grade diatomaceous earth commonly used in most other products?
    • Hi Linda,
      AntEater Organic Ant Killer is a blend of clove oil and diatomaceous earth. The clove oil serves as a binder which helps keep the diatomaceous earth, which is a powdery substance, in place. You can find information about St. Gabriel's online through Google. We have carried their products for years with satisfaction.
      AnyEater comes in a relatively small container, so customers can try out the product in their homes at very low cost. Once a customer is sold on the merits of diatomaceous earth, I would recommend buying a bag of DE, which comes in larger volume and is therefore more cost effective, and using this throughout the home where insects are a concern.
      We have used diatomaceous earth in our home for several years now, and I can personally recommend it as the most effective and safe broad spectrum insect pest control available.
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  • From Angela at 7/27/10 5:16 PM
    • What about dogs and small children?
    • Angela, you may use AntEater Organic Ant Killer where dogs and small children may come in contact with it. There is no poison in the formulation. Diatomaceuos earth is the main ingredient which kills the ants, and other insects, by abrasive action. AntEater will not harm pets, humans or the environment.
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  • From Katie at 7/5/10 4:50 PM
    • Is this product safe to use in houses with cats? Ours often sneak onto the countertops and stove during the night and while we're at work (paw prints everywhere!). Thanks. K
    • Yes, this product is safe to use in houses with cats. It is food grade, and will only harm insects.
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good product

By Yap Hwee Lan on 3/9/14

All my reviews  (1)

I bought this product to control quite good.

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